Greenpeace Protest in New Zealand

Are you guys following this? Unbelievable considering what’s happening in Russia.

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They expected something like this was likely. NZ Greenpeace has been campaigning on this for a year and committed to using “an peaceful means” to oppose the entry of the Noble Bob Douglas. Anadarko and Noble were well aware.

is this why drilling is going deepwater…to avoid greenpeace blow boaters from the shore…lol

No, it’s because that’s where they are finding the oil and gas plays. And the technology has improved enough to allow this.

Besides, Greenpeace has motor vessels so distance doesn’t stop them. Read up on the Russian case.

I thought they were going to send in Xena Warrior Princess dressed in full battle garb to scare away Anadarko.

makes me laugh, the ship is there because the government of NZ made it so.
Woman do have the vote in NZ (infact one of the first in the world)
shouldn’t they have their boats in front of their parliament building instead of dropping all that untreated sewerage into the water…

I went to the protesters web site just to hear their side.

First issue I have is the protesters are violating the 500m exclusion zone around the drill ship and support vessel - they then scream bloody murder when they are nearly “crushed” by big ships. Come on - if you want to protest, Fine, just don’t deliberately put yourself in harms way then complain the big boats almost hit you.

Second, and most significant issue is the drill ship, Noble and the global oil markets are not the problem. The problem is technology for carbon neutral energy sources still can not compete economically with fossil fuels. Give me a solar powered car with the price & performance of a Honda Accord - and the energy crisis will be solved overnight.

To the protesters - I say instead of becoming a rabble rousing NIMBY making a lot of noise, become an engineer or scientist and work on a long term solution.