Greenhorn looking for Deckhand position. Also have questions about Adderall and ADHD

So have a few questions and this is why this account is Anonymous and everything on it is anonymous. I will read and respond to questions or if you pm me I will respond. I am above the age of 30 and in good shape 6’4 250 am looking to work on a tugboat. I live in Eastern TN and I share a car with my fiancee since I crashed my Jeep a few years ago with a DUI. I do have my CDL class A back it’s just been a rough time right now, so I’m limited on where I can go. Although I can get a ride to the airport at any time to leave.

I don’t mind working 28 days on 28 days off or whatnot. I went and applied for my Twic card so it should be on the way right now as we speak. I do have a background but it’s nothing that won’t stop me from getting my Twic or if I want to go for my MMC.

I am severely ADHD and was told by some people that you can not take Adderall / Ritalin on the tugboat since it is a narcotic, other people say you can. Some people say the company won’t allow it depending on what company it is. I’ve looked around on Google and saw a couple of forums and a few said that they didn’t have any issues with the company, others said they didn’t ask me about it on my medical questions and some say it’s illegal. I talked to the United States Coast Guard and they said it doesn’t matter as long as your doctor prescribes it, you can legally have it wherever and it will not affect you from getting your MMC if you want to.

Also, I am looking for a good company. I’ve read and understand that working on a tugboat can be a dangerous job sometimes. I am looking for a company that doesn’t watch your every move so they can just write you up. I don’t need a babysitter, I just need to be shown how to do it. I also don’t mind working as a team and helping each other out. Safety is great trust me, I drove a tractor-trailer aka truck in Williston North Dakota for five years summer and winter night or day on solid ice hauling 50+ tons of freight and when it was time to roll it was time to roll. I’ve seen more people screw up trying to follow every rule their company has. I have seen those who went with their gut feeling and got done what needed to be done.

So does anybody have any answers about ADHD medication?
Also, what is a good company with good pay? I am not asking for top pay!


I can’t comment on prescriptions but I will say that as long as you have your TWIC, you don’t need to worry about an MMC on a tugboat as an entry level position. Lots of companies on the gulf coast are hiring, just punch in “tugboat” into and that should light up the search results.

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You can get a boat job at a smaller inland only push tug company with just a TWIC.

If you have an adderall prescription I think you would have to get a waiver from the CG’s medical reviewers in order to get a MMC.

If this happens and you get the waiver you must ensure that you only have the medicine you are prescribed and that prescription must be current.

I know of a situation where a guy failed a drug test, lost his job, and had his license suspended because he was taking his prescribed adderall, but the prescription was expired.

Small thing, but perhaps telling…should you find a job on a tug, it is best to not advertise your above attitude about safety rules. I am sure there are excess rules/policies in trucking just as an argument can be made about some safety policies aboard boats (I am looking at you Chevron knife policy). HOWEVER, if you are a green deck hand and take the get-it-done mindset too far, expect to have a talk with the mate or the captain.

Most safety policies are written because someone, somewhere, screwed up and suffered for it. Keep an open mind (and both ears & eyes), listen to your shipmates, and you’ll be fine. Good luck finding work; lots of jobs around. It is a cool way to earn a living!

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Be appreciative of the safety policiies in effect wherever you end up at. Back in the day, I knew when to duck nor step in the bight of line out of instintct taught by men much smarter than me well before" Safety Rules" were a thing. Perhaps you may not be so lucky with that attitude.

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what’s a greenhorn? Isn’t that a crab fishing thing?

I think there’s a rare Rhino breed in remote Southeast Africa where they have a genetic mutation that leads to them having said greenhorns? I’m not sure why anyone would call themselves such a thing

Been in use meaning an inexperienced person since the 1680s. Usage (in print) peaked in the 1850s and 1930s and is peaking again now.

An inexperienced, “green”, deckhand.

Slang for someone with little to zero experience in a field. See also: Newbie, Newb, FNG, and of course amateur.

Damn, I took that question as sarcasm but every one is giving serious responses :rofl:


Your response is the reason that it is sometimes hard to text my wife, everything read is face value without emotion or indication of sarcasm.

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