Greehorn looking for first break


What a great forum, it’s been a learning experience just reading through all the posts. I have been in the restaurant business for the lats 23 years, I have done everything in the restaurant biz from washing dishes to lastly owning my own restaurant in NYC. I am looking for a career change. I have a 50 ton, MMD,& TWIC. What is the best way to get my first break and get some sea time? I have applied to most of the tug companies in the NYC area but I am having a hard time getting my foot in the door. I am 36 in good shape and ready to work, any help would be appreciated.


Get your AB and STCW Basic Safety Training. If you know anybody in the industry use those contacts.
NY tugboat union UMD 333 says they have a surplus of deckhands sitting on the beach.


Thanks seadog, do you know where in the NYC area or close that I can get AB and STCW Basic Safety Training? I have heard that I might be able to get a position as a cook to start, I am a trained Chef, and then be able to get my AB and STCW Basic Safety Training through the company that hires me, is there any truth to that?
At my age would school be a better option?


Getting the AB and STCW on your own makes you cheaper to hire and more placeable than the guy who wants the company to pay. It also shows that you have invested time and money in your career and are more serious about it. SUNY offers courses but I’m sure there are others.
AB comes in several flavors depending on seatime and type of service, get whatever you qualify for and upgrade later.
Not many companies have dedicated cooks.


Go to the MTVA Forum and click the <strong>Info</strong> page. You will find links to all the maritime labor unions, plus a comprehensive list of training institutions covering the entire country. Go to the <strong>Jobs</strong> page for company links. Good luck.


Thank you for your help. If anyone has any other info for someone just starting out making a carer change at 36 and looking to support a family I would appreciate the information. I can travel and am looking to learn as much as possible and move up in rank quickly, but smartly.