Alaskan here. Just got my AB Unlimited, Tankerman assist, Lifeboat, VPDSD , RFPNW, etc

Background: I’m 37 years old. I used to work as a yacht chef/deckhand on some charter and private vessels. Worked all over the Americas. I took a shore gig up in Alaska managing a few culinary-based businesses in 2018.

Well, we all know that industry “shit the bed” due to covid. I realized in early 2020 I needed to switch it up. So I used my sea time and took the modules and some classes at the maritime vocational school up in Seward at AVTEC.

I got my
Able Seaman Unlimited
Tankerman Assistant
STCW BT (PSSR, PST, CPR/First Aid, Basic Fire)

I would be so grateful for your advice. I have some money saved up and I can travel to union hiring halls. I am very interested in becoming licensed someday. I love learning about navigation.

My question is. What would you do if you were me? I’m looking to hawsepipe for sure. Im willing to go deep sea, tugs, union, private, whatever. I’m wide open and flexible. No obligations or kids.

Again. so grateful for your time guys and gals!

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Use your contacts at AVTEC.

DO NOT forget to mention that you are a professional cook. Cooking is your primary strength and foot in the door.

If you want, private message your resume to me. I might know someone looking for a cook.


Since you are in alaska, i’d hit up the companies that work up there. Google tugboat companies + alaska and apply away. Vitus and Centerline would be great places to start if you are looking to be a tankerman. Centerline may have a deckhand/cook opening on one of their dutch harbor boats too…and if they don’t currently they seem to have steady turnover for that spot.


I’m pretty sure several companies on the Great Lakes are looking for Stewards.

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I tried to upload you my resume but it says new users can’t upload attachments. I just copied and pasted. Thank you so much again.

Derek Johnson
Able-Bodied Seaman Unlimited
Tankerman Assistant
(907) 538-5592

I am seeking a position as an Able Seaman where I could utilize my past maritime experience as
well as advance my seamanship and maritime career. I am devoted to my fellow crew and their
safety as well as the shared mission of the voyage. I have a remarkable work ethic and a
friendly demeanor. I am very teachable and eager to grow my skills with the proven ability to
quickly learn all aspects of new vessels. I have a reputation for putting tension at ease and
maintaining composure in stressful situations all while completing essential maritime functions. I
am talented at safely, securely, and gracefully handling lines. I am dedicated to maintaining an
alert watch, a steady course, a clean environment, and adhering to all safety, maintenance, and
legal standards. I look forward to hearing from you and joining your crew.


Wooden Spoons, Anchorage, AK - Manager
October 2018 - December 2020
I co-managed a culinary based business with many divisions. Chocolate confections, catering,
wholesale desserts, and community based services (school lunch programs and culinary
business incubation) For example; I built and maintained commercial kitchens, oversaw catered
events, handled the social media marketing, created and managed ecommerce, designed
menus, oversaw and developed wholesale products.

F/V Billie Jean, Bristol Bay, AK - Deckhand
June 2019 -July 2019
32’ gillnetter. Caught 200k pounds of sockeye. Picked fish from gillnet, cleaned the deck,
unloaded at tenders with a crane, and operated the vessel so the captain could rest.
Provisioned and prepared meals for 3 crew and myself.

Northern Explorer, Prince William Sound, AK -Deck/Chef
June 2018 -September 2018
70’ Bertram Charter/Private Yacht. Provisioned and prepared exceptional dishes using local
ingredients for 6 guests and 3 crew. Normally week long trips around Prince William Sound.
Operated vessel, unloaded kayaks, launched and operated skiff, stood watch, anchoring, and

The VI Cat, St. Thomas, USVI - Deck/Chef
June 2016 -September 2017
65’ Sailing Charter Catamaran. Mainly did day charters to a wildlife refuge to snorkel with sea
turtles. Also weeklong charters to the BVI. Tended onboard bar and served guest drinks and
small plates as well as full service on longer charters. Assisted the captain with navigation
between Islands. Raised and trimmed sails. Loaded provision and guests. Made sure all the
guests remained safe onboard. Maintained safety protocols and drills with crew.

B&D Maritime, Orange Beach, AL -Deckhand
February 2012 - March 2016
Fleet of three 65’ charter fishing boats. Lookout, steering and engine-room watches. Loaded
equipment supplies aboard the vessel. Removed fish from hooks. Sorted and cleaned catches
returned undesirable illegal catches to sea. Placed catch in containers and stowed with ice.
Washed deck, knives, other equipment, using a brush, detergent, and water. Lubricated,
adjusted, and made minor repairs to engine equipment. Secured and removed vessels docking
lines. Provided exceptional customer service. Maintained safety standards and performed safety
drills. Assisted the captain with any needed endeavor.

Huntsville Center for Technology
Huntsville, Alabama
Computer and Electronics
May 2000

Alaska’s Institute of Technology
Seward, Alaska
Able Seaman Pathway
October 2020

MMC with the following endorsements:
Able Seaman Unlimited
Tankerman Assistant
STCW BT (PSSR, PST, CPR/First Aid, Basic Fire)

Thank you for the advice! Just finished applying to Centerline (Dutch, San Pedro, and Seattle)and checking out Vitus right now, y’all are golden, can’t thank you enough for your time.

Will do! Thank you. Is there any companies you would start with first?

SUP Seattle hall is looking for guys

Thanks for the heads up. Sent an email. They wrote me back already. Talking to the union hall today! I appreciate it! I will update here.

No worries. I don’t know how to DM on this thing, but I’m sure it’s possible. Feel free to hit me up with any questions

Best of luck sir!!