Great Pay?

Came up in my LinkedIn jobs. Missed the application period but it’d seem fun. How bad could the pay be? Kinda wanted to apply.

Unlikely, the cruise ships are not known to pay well compared to cargo vessels.

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As I recall, @ombugge posted the ITF wage scale a few months ago.

Probably break 45k if you’re lucky. I recall an article where officers at RCL were being paid less than a baristas wage the article said.

I’ve always wondered why that is the case (low pay for cruise ships)? Is it because of the larger crew size? I’d think for a Mate that your “human cargo” is arguably more valuable, and for an Engr there is certainly no less workload, than a cargo ship.

I’ll have to try and find that…thanks!!!

Aww man. Peanuts for pay. But I wonder how much the fun makes up for it? :joy: :joy: :joy:. Crude and boxes aren’t too pretty to look at. Thanks for the input!!!

A lot of people who work on cruise ships come from countries where seafarers don’t have to pay tax and they have universal healthcare. So a wage might seem low if you have to pay tax and additional health insurance, but it is not bad if you don’t.


The company is also required to have insurance coverage for any claim of compensation for injury, non-payment of wages and abandonment.

For those interested here is a copy of ITF’s 2019-2022 IBF Framework Agreement for Seafarers:

Section 7 - | ITF Seafarers


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I wasn’t meaning paying for health insurance when on ship, I was meaning paying for it when off ship, health insurance can be a big chunk of someones wage, if a seafarer comes from from a country with universal health care they can afford to work for less than a seafarer who comes from a country without universal health care and has to pay for it out their wages.

Most major suppliers of seafarers to the world fleet has some sort of Universal Health Care:

PS> There may be difference in quality of care and coverage though.

If you are sitting at home making $0, then sailing on your license for $45k for a contract period is better than your current situation. Don’t listen to the people on here that talk about to little pay. Its your decision to do a job for the offered amount, no one else’s, if you feel it satisfies your current lifestyle, better to gain the experience than to sit and wait. Money will come throughout your career.

Cruise ship wages:

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I have generally found that if you enjoy what you are doing the money will take care of itself. I have also found people who went for the money in a job they didn’t like were soon miserable to be around.

I was miserable as a Master/OIM years ago. Shoreside did an amazing job sucking the life out of you, making you question everything you did and your crew and managing you by fear. It wasn’t worth the money at all.

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Same boat here, $300k a year I was miserable. Money isn’t everything.

I make considerably less, but will retire soon (this year hopefully) with an annuity and will be able to freelance once I am fully vaccinated. Yea.