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Urchin roe is a delicacy in Japan and fetch big $$$ for the right quality and taste. But it has to be fresh and at the right maturity to fetch the best price.

A Japanese living in Ulsteinvik, Norway is an entrepreneur with an idea:

He has just secured major investors in his company, Urcinomics AS and started an aquaculture venture in Japan to raise wild caught urchins to the right maturity and near the biggest market.

Urcinomics AS:

It’s like eating snot and tastes like a super shot of iodine.

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Sea Urchins eat kelp, crayfish eat sea urchins, kelp functions as a nursery for fish.
Export all the crayfish, the sea urchin population explodes and eat all the kelp and the fish population takes a dive.
Sometimes it takes a long time to connect the dots.

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That’s right. Sea urchins eat kelp and clean an area bare.

For that reason, when I was a kid sea urchins were known as “whore’s eggs.” Sometimes, in polite company, “shore’s eggs” was used.

So I guess you are saying it’s an acquired taste.

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yikes, 27 safe, now i don’t want to try it.

Iodine is tasty in scotch anyway

I prefer razor clams to oysters.
Any fish, any clam, please don’t overcook it and keep that oil away from my lobster. Grilled swordfish…