High-rise Fish Farm

In land scares Singapore it is necessary to build high, but an 8-story Fish farm??:

There are some modern floating cage fish farms off the Southern Islands and some kelongs off Pu.Ubin:

Several ornamental fish breeders do so indoors, but mostly in simple single story sheds.

PS> Most of Singapore waters are used as anchorage for ships,

As I understand it, the vertical plan allows the “sediment” to be washed down hill to the next tank. the sediment from that tank goes downhill to the next tank etc.
In some places the top most ‘tank’ could be chickens then near the bottom you’ll find what we refer to as ‘‘bottom feeders’’.
another good reason i do not buy “farmed fish” !!

If aquaculture is done right, it can save the fishing industry. Done wrong and it destroys the environment. I buy farmed salmon because the type of salmon in supermarkets is all farmed. I have eaten wild caught salmon and the quality difference is obvious. But since the stock of wild fish needs to be managed with extreme care, I understand it’s never going to be widely available.
Singapore has the money to create these projects, but in terms of energy efficiency, they don’t seem very sound.

At least they are farming warm water species.
What about Salmon farm in Florida?:

I don’t know about salmon farms in Florida but I think there’s Atlantic salmon…? Sometime there must have been Atlantic salmon up and down the coast. The problems with the farm salmon, if managed incorrectly, are the genetic defects that spread to wild salmon.

Yes there are differences between farmed and wild salmon. The latter has been bred for fast growth through many generation:

Atlantic Salmon (Protected) | NOAA Fisheries.

I wonder how they manage to get chilled salt water to the shore tanks in Florida(??)
At such facility in Norway they can take water from three different depth (30, 60 & 90 m. w.d.) to always be within the narrow temperature range where salmon thrives and below any surface pollution and algae bloom…
This is available from a nearby fjord and within a few hundred m. distance from shore, which I doubt is possible in Florida(??)

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A company called Atlantic Sapphire does aquaculture of Atlantic Salmon in Florida. They are apparently using their own system. Their website doesn’t show any details.

As far as what it says in the link you provided, this bit:

“Salmon also face many other threats that affect their survival, such as poor water quality, degraded freshwater habitats from land use practices, disease, predation from introduced and invasive species, and interbreeding with escaped fish raised on farms for commercial aquaculture.”

I’m a Regenerative Agriculture “broken record”: current agricultural practices have consequences far from the land. That NPK and glyphosate dumped on a field in Central US will end up killing fish out at sea too.

BBC is porting on the Atlantic Sapphire salmon farm in Florida:

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