Aquaculture Service boats

There are more Aquaculture Service boats in operation and they are getting more sophisticated as the industry develops around the world.
Here is a new one that just crossed the Atlantic to work in B.C, Canada:


I believe there was a class of 4 or 5 of these but this was the only one that came across the pond to BC

The Aqua Tromøy is a mid-size Live Fish Carrier that can also be used to remove lice and other parasites from the fish, using fresh water.
Having Diesel/Electric propulsion allow the 4 generators to be used to power Reversed Osmosis (RO) to produce up to 6000 Cbm./day of fresh water when not steaming:

The Coastal Server use a Skarmik 1.5 mechanical de-licing system and cover a wide range of other tasks around fish farms.

PS> The design has already proven it’s seaworthiness:

Mowi MAY reduce their fleet of chartered vessels operating in B.C. soon: