Aquaculture vessels

Aquaculture started out in simple earth ponds, or floating cages made from bamboo and nets made from rattan, manly in China and S.E.Asia more that a thousand years ago.
Today it is a high tech big business and involves many different kind of vessels to service the industry.

One type of vessels that is widely used are the Live Fish carriers (aka “Well boats”)
If you though that this was just any old small boat with valves in the bottom to flood the cargo hold, like this one:
From this Marine Insight article from 2014 that shows how little that publication know about the subject:

Think again; modern Live Fish Carriers are sophisticated vessels that sometimes do more than just transport smolt to the pens and fish ready for market to the processing plants for slaughter.
Interfish has just ordered another two Live Fish Carrier from Turkey:

Here is another that claimed to be World’s Largest Wellboat when this article was published in 2019:

There are also converted PSVs in use as de-lousing vessels,
Here the Frøy Challenger (ex Skandi Textel) in Ålesund this spring:

This is what she looked like as PSV:

Another World’s largest Live fish carrier is under construction in Turkey:

Together with a smaller version for the same owners.

The smallest of these two has now been launched:

They also have one under construction at Jiangsu Zhenjiang Shipard in China. This one is for their Chilean operation.
From NSF today:
The wellboat “Seigull” which is under construction at a shipyard in China for CPT Empresas Maritimas SA in Chile :

The New Live Fish Carrier RONJA AZUL inbound Aberdeen 23rd July 2022.
She arrived from Hareid,Norway
Photo: George Saunders (c)


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Hightech Live Fish Carrier Kristoffer Tronds at work (Video):