Offshore Fish Farm

Are the Chinese aiming to be self-sufficient and possibly an exporter of Salmon?:

So far they export the equipment required for successful offshore aquaculture.
The first such offshore fish farm, the “Ocean Farm 1” was built in China and transported to Norway two years ago. It has now completed two production cycles and produced 10000 m.t. of superior salmon for the world market.

Next step may the US East and West Coasts??:

But not in Washington state (Puget Sound, etc.) The state banned fish farms on salt water in 2018, after the high-profile failure of a containment system, releasing non-native salmon into the ocean. Native salmon are an icon in the PNW. The threat of non-native salmon hybridizing with them isn’t tolerated.

I’ve spoken to British Columbia residents. They say they’ve had similar releases up there. But trying to ban fish farming in BC is hard. Ironically, the farming began because the BC salmon runs severely declined in the 1980s and the locals needed jobs.


These things may operate offshore in federal waters.