Got to love Bouchard and Dann Ocean Towing

Bouchard Transportation along with Dann Ocean Towing continue to spread Christmas cheer by laying off employees. Dann layed off the crew of the Colonel on December 22nd, with the exception of the Captain and Engineer. And not to be outdone, Bouchard fired?/layed off the crew of the Ralph Bouchard on December 23rd.
With such caring employers who can ask for more? Just remember this the next time that phone rings.
Merry [B]Christ[/B]mas all.

Isn’t the Ralph in the shipyard?

Yep it is so I’m shocked it even had a crew

Wonder how many crews Mac ny layed off for Christmas??

Big Mac tends not to lay anyone off for the holiday anymore. Yes, they may tie the boat up for the holiday and you don’t get your regular day, but they still pay you the holiday.

Although I still wish they didn’t do that, it’s better than it used to be.

Ummm if they send you home for the holiday you dont get the double day or a single day. You get nothing.

I didn’t say sent home did I? I said if they tie the boat up. I’m not talking about what I’ve heard I’m stating my experience, been there done that and got paid the holiday.

Tied up equals us going to the barn or us… no worky, no money!

Exactly. Tied up in “Macspeak” equals crew goes home.

I’ve been with Mac in NY for 8 years, I’m fluent in Macspeak. Got tied up on Labor Day, still got paid for the holiday.

I suppose it’s a matter of people hear what they want to hear, see what the want to see, or believe what they want to believe. My objection is when one tries so hard to feed others bullshit.

I know when I was @ Mac on new years they tied us up & we got nothing. Brought us out @ 0001 on the 2nd thou. That was the icing on the cake for me to find another job.

That sounds right. Mac loves to eff people over. I know some guys that work at various ports staten island,Norfolk, Philly and they all say the same thing.

What is the general pay rate for Capt. at Mac? I assume most of them have 500/1600grt?

Depends on the port, the sales pitch you give, what you can do, what you will do, who you know, who you blow…

Ballpark of $400-$550, with really good insurance.

[QUOTE=Clear Solution;59735]Depends on the port, the sales pitch you give, what you can do, what you will do, who you know, who you blow…

Ballpark of $400-$550, with really good insurance.[/QUOTE]

Boy, that seems a bit low. I would have thought that 550 would be the lower end. And to have to deal with all the shit mentioned above as well? I thought the union was supposed to take care of the guys up north? Unless the schedule is really great for family reasons, I couldn’t see working the NE.

Mac of Va is not union, some of the other ports may be, but I dont know.

Schedule is 2 and 2 or 3 and 3 for the most part, the tow boats work can to cant.

Mac NY is non-union.