Good threads being trashed to the point where that must be put down

I am not blaming the Norwegians here per se HOWEVER every time a thread gets closed for being too far off topic to salvage why do they seem to be standing at ground zero?

now they certainly know my feelings regarding their participation in this forum and I still feel that they should refrain from commenting in threads which involve only the USA. Regardless too many good threads are dying a premature death and I would like to see that come to an end.

comments from others pls?


this is only meant to be a jab at our Norske antagonists and the fellow in question is not even Norwegian (he’s a Dane) however I can’t resist the opportunity to highlight Scandinavians with ill intent and a desire to trash our house

enough with this BS…we don’t come to your house and shit on the carpet…time for you to stop doing that in ours!

I appreciate different points of view and I think it’s an asset to the community to have input from mariners outside the US but if they take advantage of the generous leeway allowed here (tip of the hat to John) to spew hatred of America or make spiteful personal attacks stemming from that hatred, I’m not going to pretend I don’t see it.
I won’t give them a free pass just because our maritime standing is in the basement and we’ve let many other issues slide way too long. We don’t need daily reminders from people who’ve never lived here.
Just as there are forums that cater to homegrown hate groups, I don’t doubt that there are plenty of others that promote hatred for everything US.
The latter would provide a more welcoming audience for the “Bash America” contingent.
Stepping off soap box.


As long as he stays on topic, it’s fine. However, it inevitably goes down the road of telling the US how they should get rid of the Jones Act and open our fleet up to foreigners and basically crapping all over us. I made a point in another thread how a Norwegian ship had only 2 Scandinvians on it and the rest were Filipinos. And that is the system he wants us to emulate? Every thread seems to go down into one of two arguments, whether they have anything to do with the topic at hand or not. I do enjoy when he posts photos and shares his unopinionated knowledge, but the continued bashing of the US is tiring, whether he realizes it or not. The majority of the members of the forum do not make disparaging comments about any country, despite that, he often uses that as a defense. I don’t know if banishment is proper, but he certainly should think before he posts. And that goes for some of our American forum members as well.


It’s not just TheBugge but Kraken driving the train off the tracks and crashing it into splinters. How many trains need be wrecked before enough is enough?

And I agree entirely that this pair needs to cease and desist on any further comments re the Jones Act, a 2nd US register and any laws put in place to protect the industry in the USA. I for one pledge to not shit on their Norwegian carpet criticizing them and their shipping laws. Further I will compliment them on having a vibrant coastal trading fleet and some truly spectacular vessels. I wished the US had even close to what they have.


I think the other night with @Kraken was an anomaly and a little out of character. Everyone has gotten a bit too tipsy and decided to log on after all.

That being said, the trend from our Norse friends over the past several years has been to dip their beaks into topics of interest mainly to Americans and proceed to poke the bear under the guise of educating us on where we are getting it wrong. It’s textbook trolling and they seem to enjoy the reactions enough to keep coming back so I suppose you can say they are completing their mission.

I think the mods try to split topics before outright closing them but that drunken ranting the other night was going to be taken out back behind the barn at sunrise.


and shot by a firing squad

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Agreed. That’s why I didn’t mention him. He’s more entertaining than anything. And he never sinks to the levels that the other one does.

It is comments like this that start the whirlpool in the drain.

sorry but I calls them as I sees them and Kraken was the one who pretty much made sure the thread concerning the US military’s need for a merchant marine had to be euthanized

Yes can’t deny that.

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So any repentance or just more of the same old, same old from you?

I was a dick to someone who did not deserve it. That someone was not you.

I’m going to stick to neutral threads for a while.


like I care how you feel about me?

yeah, you do that…maybe you can redeem your sorry assed reputation here in the process


What did I miss ?

Do you have any experience to share? You have made an ass of yourself on the forum more times than anyone else. But your still here. What’s your secret?

I’ll say one thing about @Kraken, he does appear to read responses to his posts and make an attempt to understand what is being said.


In the past he has also made efforts to reign in his fellow countryman when same goes off topic or becomes redundantly obtuse.


Absolutely less than nothing.

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I’ll go OT again and wish all Americans on the forum, no matter where in the world they may be a
HAPPY 4th of July