Good opportunity but low $

Immediate position available in the Caribbean for a CRAFTSMASTER at Guantanamo Bay Naval Base in Cuba. Great opportunity for the right candidate with desire to spend some time in the warm climate. Only serious candidates should apply.

They want a person with 5 years on harbor tugs or ferries and they only pay $58k?

They also give you housing and a vehicle, I’m not sure about grub.

That would help justify the low base compensation and puts the total value more in line with reality.

Lots of places to drive down there I imagine. :slight_smile:

They must be supplying the weed too!

They must be smoking it.
I’ve been there twice. You are limited to driving around the base. Also if you gotta have your Starbucks don’t expect to get there as there are limitations to what is available. I got a great hair cut for $3.00 :smiley:

They actually have a Starbucks there now & a Pizza Hut.
Housing doesn’t mean a house, at least right out of the gate.

There are even MORE limits to the driving since the arrival of the bad guys.

I was stationed there as Chief Pilot from 2000-2003 and what I found when I arrived was MUCH different than when I left.

  • Good guys (Burns & Roe is the contractor for the waterfront)
  • Navy YTBs
  • Weather is nice.
  • Flights on and off CAN be difficult to arrange and costly.
  • Great gig for the retired squid with the NEC (Naval Enlisted Classification) but no credentials.

It’s tax free too. I inquired 3 weeks ago and was told by folks in GTMO that they don’t acctually[COLOR=black] have any openings right now and that they are waiting for the Navy to accept their contract proposal. That’s two jobs I found recently where there wasn’t an actual job, they were just farming names for a contract proposal…[/COLOR]

it sounds incredibly boring. I guess a good gig for stability or if you’re in the middle of writing the next “Moby Dick”.

Man, how did I miss that. Saw the Pizza Hut and BK or McDonalds (can’t remember which).

It’s Mickey D’s - one the ONLY ones that serve pizza, or at least they were until Pizza Hut showed up.

If yer thinking about giving this a go AND you have children, there IS a DoDDS school on base. Last I knew it was [U]$10,000 per child[/U]. This is certainly a negotiation point but better to know on the FRONT side instead of the back as it WILL come out of pocket unless you manage to get Burns & Roe to cover it.

Food fer thought or more accurately [I]Comida pa’ pensar[/I]