GOM physicals-tibia w/ screws

Hey guys, I’ve been searching and lurking on here for about 3 weeks now and have a question that I could not seem to find a good answer for on any threads(which is amazing because every other question I have had was pretty easily found on here.) Hopefully some of you guys have some insight on this. I am currently about to begin training for My AB Unlimited,and after reviewing all the posts concerning how stringent the physicals have become I’m hoping that the hiring process doesn’t shoot me down right out of the gates due to an injury from last year. I fractured my right tibia and had to have surgery to put the pieces back together, pretty nasty injury. Also got an infection at the sight and was in the hospital for about 3 weeks getting over it, still on antibiotics 6 months later. So, now I have 6 screws in my tibia and a small plate. Lost a little bit of mobility in my right foot, but hardly notice it now 7 months later. I feel I am about 85% back to normal now, just need to regain a little more muscle back in my calf. Before the injury I was and still am very healthy, in great shape, and continue to train and workout 5 days a week. Have any of you guys had a similar orthopedic injury that caused problems with OSV company physicals(I.e. fractures, plates,screws)? I know to have all medical info handy upon interviews etc. but am curious what you guys may have encountered dealing with something like this. Thanks-Mason