GOM hiring bonus

Anyone else hear of hiring bonuses going on in the gulf right now up to 10k??

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Someone on the thread below said Harvey Gulf is paying up to 10 G’s. If that is true & if I worked for Harvey I’d be on the phone with the office telling them I wanted that, or 3/4 of that to stay.

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Sounds like a good way to really piss off your current employees. I know if I had been a loyal employee and someone waltzed in and got a 10k signing bonus and nothing was offered to me, it would be my last day.


I agree. And you know they’re not seriously vetting anyone if they’re that desperate. That employee will get on the vessel and start running his mouth about the 10k and then no more 10k

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Well there’s not many other ways to entice prospective employees to go work in the boom or bust GOM. Most of those who stayed did so not out of loyalty but out of desperation, most not having any other options.
Anyone worth half their salt left the Gulf in 2015-2016 and the rest were either too dumb to see the writing or were just non-employable elsewhere.


Most likely they’re doing the same as last time, and giving referral bonuses to their current crews, so everyone gets a slice.

Blood money. Is 10K really worth your soul and dignity?


Depends on the frequency the $10k’s come in.


They said sign on bonus, that’s typically once, its not a retention bonus.

Yep, I’m not going to the GoM but a $10K down payment with a following $10K every 10-12 days in a form of a salary is good enough for me to sell any soul or dignity that I may have left. I sold it for cheaper in the past.

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Although happily retired, a well known fact is it is boom or bust in the GOM. Wouldn’t bother me at all to grab the bucks if offered, I went to sea to get all the pay I could, greedy you say? I left my family for many years, got whatever coins I could make while being gone. Loved driving boats, Retired at age 48 and not looking back. Was a good life most of the time. Blessed with good engineers to keep me rolling.


Some are giving out a retention bonus every six months too.
Which I guess becomes a moot point if there’s a lay off.

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Worked GOM for many years. Some years the oil patch paid much more, some years much less. I stayed with the same outfit for many years, it worked out. Did I chase the dollar, damn right I did. Stayed with one outfit for 26 years that gave me the opportunity to increase my pay. Merit based and was up to you. No regrets,

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Amen to that, last captain I worked with in the GOM was easily 450lb of uselessness.

Harvey Gulf should have to pay people a $100k sign on bonus to work for them considering the ass clown who runs that company.