GOM health insurance

What is the average probation period for health insurance to kick in for HOS and ECO?

90 days…

Has anyone ever heard of them shortening it or is it pretty much set in stone?

My friend said it is set in stone. But I guess mates and engineers get insurance right away. Only ABs and QMEDs have to wait the 90 days.

Mates, captains, and engineers get it the first of the month after being hired at ECO and Hornbeck Offshore

At Otto Candies for officers it is after 30 days, for deckhands it is after 90 days and for shoreside employees it is immediate upon employment.

For ECO at least it is the first of the month after 30 days after employment. Example, you hire on June 10th. Thirty days later is July 10th. Insurance starts August 1st.

Unlicensed positions it is the first of the month after 90 days.

90 days for officers at my company, but they reemburse you for your COBRA payments