GOM Economic Analysis

Some may find this interesting:

One thing I didn’t see in the estimates is whether or not there are sufficient qualified personnel for the projected increases. I realize there are a lot of mariner’s out of work right now, but how far is the pendulum going to swing the other way with these types of increases.

This table shows historical and projected “direct” jobs in the industry.

Assuming that we are only halfway through 2011, one would hope that the forecast to go from 60,399 jobs last year to 81,085 jobs this year means there is still more hiring to be done?

And, if their assumptions are correct there will be 8,706 more jobs in 2012, and an additional 26,013 jobs for 2013.

I wish there was a way to quantify what portion of those jobs would be in the sector readers of this board are concerned with, namely the mariners.