Fleet size/number of mariners, GoM?

I’m trying to get a good ballpark on either the size of the fleet (FSV/OSV/PSV – workboats, essentially) and/or the number of mariners in the GoM, though I’d be happy to have nationwide or even global (oilfield) numbers.

The search function yields this thread: http://gcaptain.com/forum/professional-mariner-forum/4553-captains-coast-guard-data-base.html, which indicates roughly 200,000 mariners nationwide based on reports almost a decade old.

I’m not likely to spend $1600 on the workboat.com “Size of the Fleet” report, and neither that site/publication nor Professional Mariner, nor OMSA, nor Marcon Int’l. have anything useful that I can find.

Help? Or sources?


At the rate some of these guys are building, plus the low volume of new guys entering the industry, pretty soon there will be more vessels than mariners.

Wealth of knowledge and figures.

Just about every boat company list’s there fleet on there web site, it would take a little time but the info is there if you want to look it up, for actual fleet size. Then I guess you would just have to figure 2 crews basically for each boat, some would only be 1.5 that work 2 for 1, but once again it should be a rough guess. Much better than paying 1600 bucks to some smuck. The new builds hitting the water would skew the number a little but should still be not that hard to figure out if you want to spend the time on it.