GOL rotation schedule

Are there any GOL boats that work a 28/14 schedule?

ABs work 28/14, supply boat Captains mostly are 14/14. The exception is a boat in California working 21/21. 100 ton boats are 14/7 or 28/14.

Do you work for GOL?

Yes, almost 10 years now.

I just hired on there the other day. Currently I am on the Red Lab for my last hitch as per my 2 weeks notice.

Did you already have your DP Unlimited?

Not yet. I have already been to both basic & advanced classes, & I just need to log my 180 days of watchkeeping, & send my paperwork in.

Congrats. It’s a good company you’ll enjoy working here.

Thanks! I heard it was a great company & I’m pretty stoked about it. The guys here on the Red Lab are sad to se me go, & its bittersweet for me. But I’m just tryin to do the best I can for my family.

All the guys I know at GOL like it there. I cant say I personally know anyone who did not like it there.

Thanks CaptRob