I get off the boat in 2 weeks and going to attened the GMDSS course at Houston Marine in New Orleans. Is this a class that you have to study every night or is it if you just pay attention during class that you can pass? Also how is the teachers over there?

Pretty easy course…you’ll need no-dose!!!

You havt to take the FCC Element 7 exam at the end. Its 100 questions which come out of the FCC question pool of 600 questions. You can search on gcaptain for sources of the 600 questions to practice, or just google on the internet.

You can take the course cold. Most people do. There is a lot of trivia that you muct memorize for the exam. You will have to study the questions and practice them. I studied ahead of time and practiced the questions, Then I didnt have to study all that much at night during the course.

Easy to pass, hard to learn. may have unqualified teacher here

[QUOTE=Capt.D;109646]Pretty easy course…you’ll need no-dose!!![/QUOTE]