Has anyone taken GMDSS online thought northeast maritime ? Thoughts experiences ?thanks

**** Please note: The FCC does not approve courses in lieu of their exams.***

Doesn’t that make the course worthless if trying to get the STCW in your book?

But it is listed as approved stcw. Not sure how that is going to work… maybe things changed due to Covid.

They have a separate fcc exam I just need the cert

Not accurate. They approve 3rd party exams, and the written exam in many Coast Guard approved courses is the 3rd party exam the FCC will accept. So you are technically correct, but if you are saying you cannot take a course and meet the FCC exam requirement, you’re wrong.

I am not saying any thing I pulled THAT from the bottom of the page on the site.

So I also take the fcc exam the have for an extra 100 bucks