Radio operator license

Can a radio license be optioned online or do you have to go take a class for this ?

The MROP is issued by the FCC, and they do require proof you have passed an examination. They do not offer the examination online, but commercial vendors do. For example, see:

You can sign up online for the FCC exams, but you must take a proctored exam at an approved testing facility.

You can get the FCC Marine Radio Operator’s, and FCC GMDSS Operator’s, licenses without taking a class, but you must take a USCG approved 10 day GMDSS class in order to meet STCW requirements.

Thanks , they want you to pay 75 for the study guide then 175 for the online test I’ll just take it at mid Atlantic when I’m home next thanks

Damn. Sorry, man. I didn’t notice the price. That certainly is a rip-off.

The whole permit is ridiculously pointless.

Yeah i don’t get it been running tugs for years and all the sudden some audited ask to see it

Most, if not all, Coast Guard approved GMDSS courses are also accepted by the FCC for their GMDSS Operator’s license. You don’t need two courses. Confirm with the school before committing that their course is USCG approved and also accepted by an FCC “colem” and will get you the FCC license.