GMDSS PL 06-03 Related Question?

PL # 06-03 indicates that those who have taken a 35hr course before August 1st, 1998 could pass a test and turn in some assessments.

I took a semester long (3 unit\48 hours) GMDSS class at Cal Maritime in the fall of 1997. I 've had an FCC GMDSS license since January of 1998. The course was under developement for STCW approval at that time but wasn’t actually approved until a year (or so) later. The Oakland REC approved the course for many of my classmates that applied for an STCW 95 certificate in the late 90’s early 00’s. I recently applied for OINCW and the course wasn’t accepted by NMC.

Has anyone tried this alternate method (is it still in effect) or know of another?