GMDSS printer retention

How long do old GMDSS printer rolls have to be stored?

Its usualy not the paper that goes bad, its the printer. If its a thermal printer, sometimes they just give up after a while and you need a new one. If its a printer with a ribbon like an electronic typerwriter and screams, that paper doesnt expire. Its the ribbons. If youre trying to break out an ROS ship, just find the winder knob on the cassette and advance it like 6 inches.

thank you. I should have been more clear, apologies.

I meant, after the radio has printed onto the rolls, is there a regulation mandating how long old print-outs must be kept?

(other than individual corporate retention policies)

I totally misread your question too.

The only federal retention for radio stations in Maritime service is the log book, for three years if you’ve logged a distress. 47 CFR 80.409 (b). If a print out is directly addressed to me, I staple it to today’s page.

NavArea warnings are in effect until canceled, most have the cancel date on them. I know SIRE requires you have a “system” for tracking this, but there is no reason to keep a printed message after it’s canceled. If you have a system like OneOcean that shows you all the navarea warnings in effect in the world, It usually makes keeping the print out redundant.

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Not that I’ve ever seen.

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