GMDSS expiration

A little more than a month ago, I contacted the FCC to change my phone number in my information- I was told this would prompt the FCC to issue me a new GMDSS license - without the expiration date. How long should it take to get my new one? Anyone have any experience with this? I did get a letter right away that showed how to reset my FRN. But nothing else yet. I know that my license won’t expire on the date shown, but was told “everyone was getting a new one this way”. Anybody have any info?

received mine in less than a month…but that was before the “trick” was widely publicized on the webb…they may now have a back log…you might want to check??

Is it really necessary to change your phone # info with the FCC before renewal?? I renewed Maintainer last year on line and received the license in 5 days.


this was a suppose to be strategy to avoid having to possibly pay the “renewal” fee ($65) at a later date for the operator license…for the present the “newer” issued licenses no longer have an expiration date…I don’t know how this applies to the maintainer license?

**BTW…my interptation of the fcc notice regarding this differs…I did it mainly to get the expiration date off my license??

who knows what they will come up with next??

It looks like I renewed by a month too early. I’ll have to renew one more time. My 2nd telegraph is still 5 years, General telephone does not expire and Amateur license is 10 years. Like you said…Who knows…

I thought if you renewed after a certain date, the license became a lifetime one, regardless if it has a date or not. I’ll have to look for the memo, it’s probably lost.
I didn’t plan on doing anything unless the ink evaporated. I think my GMDSS was issued about 30 days before the change in policy.


that is my interpretation as well…the “notice” for this should still be on the FCC website…that said, I needed to make an address change anyway and wanted to get the expiration date off my license…it was easy to do and figured it would make life more difficult for them in the present and as well as in the future when and if they decide to do something else!!