Global Fishing Watch to stop illegal fishing

Two leading environmental organizations have teamed up with Google to come up with a new solution to stop illegal fishing. The new initiative named as Global Fishing Watch (GFW) will use Satellite data and cloud technology to keep a round the clock watch on the fishing activities worldwide.

Here’s the official website:

green peace and this short time President have it in for everyone on the globe now. They’ve gotten bored with terrorizing the American fleets. Guess it’s time to turn the lights out, and a few other nautical aids.

What’s wrong with opposing [I]illegal[/I] fishing?

Illegal fishing is what turns many fisherman to piracy

Nothing at all is wrong with opposing illegal fishing it’s been happening for many years, it’s not about that it’s about green peace and the Sierra club. Its merely my opinion they’ve created KAOS as they’ve planned, for honest hard working commercial Fisherman even the small vessel owners are feeling their lobbying now. There is a lot to it, it started when the Feds placed observers on the fishing fleets in the late eighties. Now they’re talking about placing them on the small boat fleets. It is another cost to the captains and crew who end up paying for it. I understand the need to sink illegal fishing. If we would have done that in the 50,60,&70s the foreign fleets would probably be all sunk.