Getting my foot off the deck

I’m a young hos piper , 24 years of age, trying to get off the deck after 8+years on deck and trying to get into the house,I’ve had one job so far in the house, running a 25’5 push boat [i know not much] moving around 1010 to 120100 barges for four months until the job ended.

This is what I’ve go so far, most of my time is on tugs, did a 7 month hitch down in the gulf as well during the big oil spill with MSRC on one of the responders.
 A B Special (approx.90 days to unlimited)
 Lifeboat man 100 ton master near coastal 200 ton mate near coastal(will upgrade to 200 t master on sea time)
 RFPNW Basic and advanced firefighting Basic Safety Training-STCW 95 First aid and cpr trained TWIC
 Unlimited Radar Apprentice mate-steersman
 FCC radio operator BRM class

So now I’m trying to get my foot in the door some where to get the time and experience I need up in the house to keep my career on path. Any ideas or suggestions from some of you that got there from where I am ,or from any one ,just looking for some advice and help.

Crew or utility boats in the gulf.