General Employment question from a landlubber

Here is my situation, I’m 42 and having tough times here in Mich. (financially) ummm No work, that is.I’m no stranger to hard work and long hours, and spent 2 1/2 weeks on a RO/RO from the Persian Gulf to oakland, CA in 1991.<br><br>I am considering signing up for SIU school at Piney Point. I’m worried about going to school and not finding long term employment. Do you think jobs are few and far between for beginning seaman ? Would I go to school only to sit and wait for a job ? Is there fierce competion for o/s or an a/b, or are jobs plentiful. Would go anywhere for a job, but the Great Lakes would be nice (im from Michigan) any reply to this post is appreciated. Not looking for specifics…just your general thoughts on this subject.

bigcab,<br><br>You may consider looking to the oilfield instead of the Lakes. I’m a Michigander and began my career on the freighters but didn’t care much for the schedule and going on unemployment regularly. I don’t mind the cold weather when I can go inside but chipping ice off the deck after a trip across Huron or Superior in late December is no fun either. It works for some guys though.<br><br>If you’re willing to provide your own transportation to Louisiana for awhile you can likely get started as a roustabout or OS and work your way up from there quickly all while still living in MI. I’ve seen several guys work their way to AB or crane operator or up the drilling side quickly. Roustabout pay in '06 was around $3500/mo for 21 days on/ 21 off. Check in with any of the drilling companies (Transocean, Noble, Pride, etc.) and see what they have to offer. My employer pays for any of the marine training you need in your time off as well.<br><br>If you have a trade background such as crane operator, mechanic or electrician you could likely hire in as a trainee for considerable more money and paid travel.<br><br>Good luck with your job search. (Unless you are a U of M fan!)

Thanks for the response. Applied online today at Kirby Marine for a trainee Tanker mans job. The Kirby web site was pretty detailed too showing a corporate ladder type progression chart. anyone else ?

bigcab. <br><br> So whats the up date on Kirby? any luck.

Hey Leymas,<br><br>Well I had an appointment with a recruiter a few weeks ago, so I ended up jumping on Amtrak, from Michigan to Memphis TN (via Chicago) and renting a car in memphis, driving to the final destination of Robinsonville MS. <br><br>I get to the job fair / interview site at 9am ( to scope it out) for a 1pm interview, when my cell rings, its the Kirby recruiter , and You guessed it…She canceled. <br>To be fair, there were tornadoes at her start point, but I was disappointed to say the least. I asked the recruiter a few questions, and She turned our call into a rare “phone interview”. I got no BS vibe from Her, and She even offered to pay my airfare for training in Houston, if I get the “clear to hire”.<br><br>So I’m currently awaiting my background investigation results ( No problems there) , then i have to complete 2 online “assessments” sort of a behavioral / psychological assessment I think. Then a physical in Baton Rouge , If I clear all those hurdles, I’m good to go for 12 days of training in Houston. <br><br>Shoot me an email if you want more details…<br><br><br><br>Gary.<br>


Thx Argo,<br><br>Do they really advertise for maritime positions on billboards in southern LA ? <br><br>I think I’m going to stay with the Kirby route for right now for a few reasons :<br><br> #1 Free / paid training at their complex in Houston .<br><br> #2 Well defined career progression .<br><br>#3 Corporate culture (?) <br><br>being a “Noob” or “FNG” I think the quasi-military structure of rigid rules /procedures of a big company appeals to me at this point. I’m sure a lot of you that have been in the industry for decades might scoff at uniforms and grooming standards, just saying for myself, entering a new career, that atmosphere appeals to me. <br><br>The recruiter told me that after 2 years on deck (following their career path) that I should be advancing towards the wheelhouse. I was also told that around five years I should be a pilot bringing home around 96k.<br><br>I would imagine that I will hear of other opportunities/jobs after I get my feet wet, and go from there (better schedule/pay/location) But for someone as myself, with NO marine training or experience, Kirby seems like a good company to start with ( and if most is as promised) perhaps a good company to stay with.