gCaptain - Wiki Editor Job

Are you familiar with Wikipedia? We’ve installed the same software running the site that put thousands of encyclopedia salesmen out of business. What do we plan on doing with the software? Giving it to you of course!

The new gCaptain wiki will offer a place for mate’s to share voyage plans, engineers to share drawing and everyone to share facts, photos and information about their favorite ships . First on the agenda is a dedicated TWIC page for U.S. mariners.

Before we launch the new feature, however, we need help. Namely a person familiar with editing Wikipedia who can administer our site. This is a paid position perfect for a cadet or young mate.

John how is this project coming along? It sounds great.<br><br>D

Doug,<br><br>We have a few cadets helping set the wiki up for us. The project has stalled as they are all out to sea at the moment but expect it to be launched in a few months time