Can we get gCaptain back on wikipedia?

I updated a wikipedia article today and cited one of @john’s articles but it got rejected as a spam link.

Digging deeper I found that gCaptain and John once had wikipedia pages but some troll deleted them.

I don’t know how to get gCaptain off the blacklist or restore John’s wikipedia article. Can anyone help?

Why do you care so much? If JK wants a wiki page I’m sure he can get it restored.

Thank you @celesticomper .

I have tried but have failed because requests by me or my staff sound self serving. Wikipedia is a community site. They (rightfully) don’t care about me but do care very much about all of you.

I don’t care much about the deletion of my personal page except that the fact it was removed has been quoted by (e.g. naval officers after the US Navy collisions, anti jones act concerns, etc) people to use against me.

But gCaptain’s the blacklist is concerning. First it costs us money. Less money means a reduced ability to hire journalists to research articles. Why less money? Well, the sales team of less respected competitors frequently mention the ban to potential advertisers. And we attract mist new readers via google search and the wiki blacklist is a major negative mark in google’s algorithms.

But those are just minor points. The major point is the maritime industry articles on Wikipedia still need work. When editors find information here they like to share they can not because it is flagged as spam… often they just delete the citation and post anyway without giving credit… this means that wikipedia readers can not return to the original articles to find more information or join in a discussion.

Basically it’s just bad juju and I can’t fix the problem because I’m partially to blame. In the early days of wikipedia (over a decade ago) I edited and created a number of the merchant marine articles but I never logged in to do so… so I never built reputation up. Later in the life of Wikipedia they started asking for citations so I liked back to gCaptain… which turned out to be illegal.

Mea culpa.

So, no I can’t get it restored… the only way forward is for the community to request that it be reviewed.


Are you asking why do I care to spend time to help improve wikipedia articles? Or why do I care to give proper credit to the source of my information?

John, (and everybody else) did anyone screen grab or archive the old wikipedia article?

I wonder if perhaps the best way forward here wouldn’t be to just create a wiki page.

But I don’t know how to access the gCaptain one because it wasn’t deleted, it was blacklisted.

Here is information about how to whitelist domains: MediaWiki talk:Spam-blacklist - Wikipedia

Alright, good to know. Willing to help any way I can.

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Dang @john after reading the full thread regarding your blacklisting, it makes me want to independently go edit Wikipedia and expand on wikipedia’s Maritime knowledge just so that gCaptain is fully represented on there. It is a reputable source after all and should be treated as such. I’ll see what I can do if I get some free time to tool around on wiki.


Awesome, thanks!!!

While I encourage everyone to contribute to Wikipedia, I’m not sure if doing it “…just so that gCaptain is fully represented on there” is in line with the encyclopedia’s policies. That’s exactly the kind of thinking that got the site blacklisted in the beginning.

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What do you suggest is the proper way?

Well, I was thinking more along the lines of proposing a removal of gCaptain from the blacklist on the basis that the reasons in the original 2010 blacklisting - namely, single-purpose accounts (SPA) with a conflict of interest (COI) systematically posting links to the site - are no longer a valid concern. You have publicly admitted your previous infringing activity and acknowledged it to be a mistake on your behalf, and therefore I wouldn’t expect you to continue it were the blacklisting lifted. However, more importantly, within the past nine years gCaptain has also established itself as a news resource for the professional maritime industry that, in my opinion, would meet the criteria for a reliable source for factual information.

However, my concern was that if @LI_Domer were to “independently go edit” Wikipedia in the way I interpreted his message - adding external links to the site - it could end up reinforcing the blacklisting rather than support lifting it.


That makes a lot of sense, thank you.

(And yes, I’m not going to add anymore links.)

Yes I have respect for their archival system, I wasn’t planning on going on their like some radical spamming gCaptain. But I’m sure some of their maritime articles could use some brushing up. Sorry if my other post made it sound like I wasn’t going to take on the task without a measured approach.

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I stand corrected.

I fully agree that there are many articles that should be created, expanded, revised, better sourced etc. and that’s why I log in almost daily…

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I have an account but don’t understand the code well enough to do that, especially on my phone. (I must have anonymously made edits before because I couldn’t find record of me having an account and I know I’ve made edits.)

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