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There have been a few times where it seemed like gCaptain Jobs was finally taking off with a variety of jobs from companies around the country, but lately its mostly been a Hornblower and MSC show. What happened?

Why hasn’t gCaptain Job become a major maritime jobs site?

Indeed, Simplyhired, and generic job boards have a lot more maritime jobs listed. More maritime employers use them. Even minor job boards like Daywork 123 have more maritime jobs listed.

It’s a hot maritime job market. I know that companies are hiring. I get calls asking if I’m available or know of anyone. There is a definite and severe shortage of engineers. I think other maritime roles are more or less in balance, but there is no significant pool of mariners sitting around. Almost everyone that wants to work is working. Granted, there are a lot of guys that no longer want to go to sea. Most companies are busy and making good money. They need mariners to crew the boats and cannot afford to be too selective.

I cannot understand why gCaptain does not have hundreds of job listings all the time. What are they doing wrong?

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Have you ever read some of the self-generated articles on gcaptainDOTcom? The question will answer itself.

The gCaptain news is more popular than the forum

From a guy who hires mariners:

We’ve advertised on Indeed.com and in the past we’ve posted job openings on gCaptain. The truth is we got little or no response from the gCaptain ad, and much more response on Indeed.com. I can only theorize why. When we are advertising we are usually looking for entry-level people, and it makes sense that entry-level people would not have heard of gCaptain.

That being said, we got mates advertising on Indeed.com but none from gCaptain when we did advertise, and so we stopped advertising on gCaptain. It may simply be demographics, in that entry-level mates are more likely to interact with Indeed than with gCaptain. Indeed.com has the cachet of being quasi-social media, something young people are immersed in.

I may be wrong, but the difference may like in the fact that on Indeed.com the mariner posts their bona fides, and invites others to interact with them. The employer looking for a mariner runs a search for the bona fides and finds all such mariners. But on sites like gCaptain the employer posts an ad and the mariner then has to search through those ads to find the job they might want.

In Indeed.com the employer gets multiple possible mariners for one search, with little or no effort on the part of either. But on gCaptain it may be that the model relies on multiple mariners to actively look through multiple possible employers.

From the standpoint of the employer the first model is better, because the second model puts the employer in competition with all other employers for the mariner’s attention. From the standpoint of the mariner the first model may also be better because it requires no effort on their part.

Just a theory.

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In my experience gCaptain’s filter for job postings doesn’t work so it’s fairly useless/time consuming to use.

I make my profile, add resume, my qualifications and credentials. (AB etc)

I then receive emails from gCaptain saying that there’s a Chief Engineer position I’d be perfect for.

Considering gCaptain should understand the industry better than Indeed etc, at least Indeed sends me positions that are actually AB, deckhand, etc.