Fuzzy things on lines on a schooner

Here’s an interesting video:

Im curious what the fuzzy bits they are attaching to some of the rigging at 48 seconds are? They look like frayed bits of line or something.

Anyone here know?

What a childhood those kids had too! It would be neat to track them down now and hear their stories!

Maybe to keep the sails from tearing up if they hit the lines? Or perhaps keep the noise down on wind blowing through the rigging? I used to know at one time or another…

Baggywrinkles. Anti-chaffing gear.

(eta: I think that) The little boy, grown up, was known as Commodore Thompkins in the SF Bay Area. He was featured in Brion Toss’ 1980s PBS series Sail Away.

Care to comment, B ?

eta: It was Robby Doyle’s show, not Brion’s. B supplied the seaman’s input for the series.

^^ What Civmar said. They’re chafing gear. Just ran across different ways of making them in the Ashley Book of Knots, pages 552 and 553.

I am agreeing with Swampfox. Prevents sails from chaffing against shrouds and other rigging.

Thanks guys, makes sense. I had heard the term baggywrinkles before now that I think of it.

yeah, it keeps the gollywobbler from getting chafed…

That's what she said- Baa.. dum...tss!

Sorry, couldn’t pass that up. I’m back now