Funny stuff

This may have been around a while ,darn funny…

The front fell off! I love that video. My favorite part: Minimum crew? Oh, one I suppose.

Ya, freeking hillarious…My favorite was the wave hit the ship…Does that happen very often?

On the ocean,…Oh, no …one in a million…

Well cardboard is out of coarse! paper, paper derivatives their out to

Without a doubt, the funniest thing I have ever seen. Laughed 'til I cried!!!

Good find Shellback. I used to live in Australia. Those two used to do a “bit” every week, on what ever the fiasco was at the time. It’s typical aussie humor, but actually part of a serious current affairs program.

Thanks, My Captain gets the credit for showing it to me…I figured that you all had probably seen it before…

like Mike said, I find it funnier every time I watch it…

What was that Monty Python? LOL.

Yes. These guys are a comedy duo who play with politics and news reports. The report of spilled oil was real, but these guys decided to play with the response that the Aussie government gave about the reports.

ha ha thanks i’m gonna pass that one around

a little humor…in regards to the midget (not pc) and his lady…when they were nose to nose his toes were in “it”…when they were toe to toe his nose was in “it”.

Thats really very very funny man i like to watch this kind of humors,

I found no better place to put this, so I MAY the record for reviving the oldest thread:

The video clip is from 2009 anyhow.

An important report on whale deaths:

But did the front fall off?

Their answer to the Deepwater Horizon oil spill is fairly accurately what happened:

fairly accurately what happened

Too true. I didn’t know those guys have a whole series - have some catching up to do. They are hilarious.

There is another pair in the UK that has a very similar style.
Here they explain the sub-prime crisis of 2007-08:

My goodness, they are amazing!

Fawlty Towers with John Cleese is hilarious