Funny stuff

I was astonished to find out there are only twelve episodes. I would have said twice that at least.

There is a 13th episode that doesn’t show up on most collections. The hilarious Spanish guy who played Manual died of cancer and the story goes that when John Cleese was offered to continue the show with a different actor, he bowed out.

That can’t be right. Andrew Sachs died in 2016.

My mistake, it was a while ago. It must have been when he was diagnosed with cancer.

I think a few of us could do fine down under!

Another clip from Bird & Fortune.
This one could fit into several other threads here on the forum:

Yet one more that may be of interest:

One may speculate what this pair would have made of the present President.

This “Dictator from an unnamed sh*thole country” fits very nicely into today’s news stories: