Ft. Lauderdale, FL - ( Chief Mate / Master Course Info )


Found the MPT chief mate master course list, classes start in fall.

CMM - USCG Chief Mate/Master Unlimited Modules: Coming Soon

Advanced Stability 8am-4pm (1 week)


Advanced Shiphandling 8am-4pm (2 weeks)


Advanced Navigation Part I - ECDIS: 8am-4pm (1 week)


Advanced Navigation: Part II -VPEN 8am-4pm (1 week)


Advanced Meteorology 8am-4pm (1 week)


Advanced Watchkeeping 8am-4pm (1 week)


Advanced Cargo Handling 8am-4pm (2 weeks)


Marine Propulsion Plants 8am-4pm (1 week)


Ship & Personnel Management & Law 8am-4pm (2 weeks)


[mpt course list link ](http://www.mptusa.com/schedule/index.html" title="mpt maritime training course list)

Second night at the school and we decide to grab a bite to eat. Class let out and we went to South Beach and stopped on the strip at a nice restaurant. Said steak night $15. Sounded good. So, our waitress asked if we wanted to hear the specials. I did not even look at menu. I ordered the Filet Mignon and split Lobster tail with a calamari appetizer. Anchorman had something similar. When we finished I gave her my card without looking at the bill and she brings it back for me to sign…$286 BUCKS!!!

Other than that and a night of Patron Ft. Lauderdale is super nice. Lots to see and lots to do. Not to mention an excellent class and an awesome simulator. We got on the 360 and 270 degree simulator. Star Center really has their stuff together. The food on campus is great too.

We start our 7th day tommorrow and will be done by Friday. Overall experience A+

CM Jeff…MPT has been advertising coming soon on the Management classes for 3 years now. They still do not have approval letters from the Coast Guard to teach those courses. Nice they have a price list.

$286 BUCKS!!! Hot dang! Anchorman could have bought[another boat](http://gcaptain.com/maritime/forum/comments.php?DiscussionID=117&page=1#Item_5" title="Redneck Yachter)for that price!

No seriously, STAR does have their SH!# together.

Sounds like a good class!

Is this the new 360degree simulator?

[img]http://svconline.com/enewsletters/Star-Center_Shot-09-300.jpg" border=“0” width=“300” height=“214” />

[img]http://svconline.com/enewsletters/Star-Center_Shot-10-200.jpg" border=“0” width=“200” height=“143” />

<h4>[<span>Florida Marine Simulator Center Goes Digital</span>](http://svconline.com/enewsletters/digital-marine-simulators-07142005/" target="_blank" title="Ship Simulator)</h4>

Yeah John that’s it. I understand they can set up special classes at request to practice a particular maneuver before actually doing it. So the next time you take your drillship to the dock, maybe Transocean will pay for you and your crew some simulator time to actually drive your ship to make sure you all remember how it is done! Unless of course you make position moves all the way to port.

I am impressed. It is a long class, but the simulator takes time, because each individual has to serve as Captain for each maneuver to pass his assessment sheets. It makes the day go by and you get to learn from the one before you.


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Capt. Lee

Have you completed all of the Chief Mate/Master courses yet? How bad is the Watchkeeping and Marine Propulsion Plants courses? I’m scheduled at Mitags this spring. My understanding is STAR center is no longer taking commercial students and MPT USA still has no schedule. Do you have any other recommendations?

I am on the Commercial Stand by list in February for marine propulsion plants and ship management back to back weeks at STAR center. There is another School I think it is in Virginia or Maryland, MAMA or something like that. Go to the Coast Guard approved courses and it will give a complete list of all schools for Management level classes. I may have to attend somewhere else to finish this up. I hate it because I really like Star Center. I will keep you posted and look up the other place. MAMA, I may take some of them there. It all depends on if I can get in on the standy by at Star Center. They can confirm a place in the class two weeks prior if there are any openings. I am really just getting started. I have completed Ship Handling and Navigation upgrade, so I am only 4 weeks into my training.


That’s a shame… IMO marine propulsion plants is the best course the STAR center offers (lots of simultor time and good info)! I heard MM&P’s version of the class is pure boredom.

I can honestly give Mid-Atlantic Maritime Academy in Virginia Beach, Virginia an excellent review. I have been taking classes there since October and they have been extremely helpful and knowledgeable. Their new 360 degree bridge simulator and ECDIS/RADAR lab are outstanding. I may be a little prejudiced since this is the only place I’ve taken classes and I’m a part-time instructor for the Medical PIC course but I’ve had a good time taking the courses there. Give Capt. John Sitka a call. He always goes out of his way to help folks out with courses.


Yeah John I agree. It is a loss for STAR Center and a loss for commercial mariners, not being able to attend at STAR Center. It is a really good school, with some great instructors and lots of practical knowledge. I think having a mix of union and commercial mariners provides a better back drop for the classes. Different experiences over a broad range of vessel types. Anchorman took Marine Propulsion plants there and he really liked it. More than likely I am going to try to get into Mid-Atlantic Maritime academy, if I can’t finish at STAR Center. They look pretty good. The choices are limited. If MPT could get something going that would be nice. More than anything I will miss the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel and Casino Poker room in Hollywood, FL. I am an ADDICT.


Does Mid-Atlantic offer the unlimited upgrade courses?

For those looking for the basic STCW stuff I’d recommend [Northeastern Maritime Institute in Fairhaven MA. I just toured their facilities and did a [URL=http://messingaboutinships.com/2007/12/20/messing-about-in-ships-podcast-3/" title=“Maritime Training Podcast]podcast](http://www.northeastmaritime.com/” title="Maritime Training) with their director of Education, Captain Bob. Good Stuff.

“More than anything I will miss the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel and Casino Poker room in Hollywood, FL. I am an ADDICT.” Yeah, I know it’s hard for you to pass on those 18" gold herringbone necklaces hanging on them gay harry Cuban chests at the card table. I was kinda wondering about the pictures of the Ferrari, but I think I’m starting to put two and two together.


Yes, I have met quite a few people from MSC and Maersk taking their upgrade courses there. From what I know they are expanding and building a new compound for advanced ff on the eastern shore, and tankerman and engineering simulators in VA Beach. If you want to talk to them about their courses and facilities give Capt. John Sitka or Barbara Lester a call. 757-464-6008. www.mamatrains.com. They may even be interested in some advertising on the sight.


In a previous life, I was the lead instructor at MPT, and also an adjunct instructor at RTM. This was before all the classes required for CM/Captain upgrade. At the time, MPT didn’t have the simulator, which I have heard from some of the guys onboard is that is pretty awesome. The simulator at RTM has been there longer, is pretty awesome in its own right,and is fun to go through as well as instruct on. The classes from MPT have been accepted at the USCG with no questions asked.

A lot of my crew have been going to MAMA and to MITAGS and have enjoyed the classes there.

Having taught for 2 years at MPT on shoestring budget (as well as salary) and at RTM on my time off for a year, I would have to rate RTM far superior to MPT. However, since I’ve had my Master’s AGT for 6 years, I haven’t had to personally take any of the courses, so I can’t make any other comments other than what is passed on from crew.

As far as the nightlife, Lauderdale is far superior to Dania.


I just took the celestial course at Star Center . 4 out 5 people taking the course failed the final exam. We all were up late in the class studying no partying , One of the people who failed was a Star Center instuctor who was taking to getting ready to teach the course. Has anyone else taken this course ?