AMO UNION STAR Ship Simulator

I was over at STAR Center watching the students finish up the ship handling class on the Navigation Bridge Simulator this week. What a great asset to learn ship handling skills. Now would be a great time for the AMO UNION, Trustee’s and AMO Plans to invite the US Navy in for two weeks of free training on the Navigation Simulators. The AMO UNION has survived for many years on MSC and Navy Supported Contracts, time for a little Thank You. Now that Phil has passed the torch down to the new STAR Center dual directors to clean up the mess left behind, let’s start by promoting the use of the Simulators. We know the priority is worrying about building out our new offices. “Again no forward thinking at STAR” one comment I did hear, I would be reaching out daily in Washington with our “Cocktail Party Reps” and across the Fleets promoting the Bridge Simulator. Do a demo test run for a week or two weeks, make a swap simulator time for small arms ammo, for small arms training. Small Arms is the most costly thing we do and what they complain about the most cost over at STAR. Have Paul Doell send a nice letter up to the Navy contacts he has in DC and get the ball moving. There are enough clowns bashing the Navy these days. Let’s step up with some free training and subject matter experts on Rules of the Road. Real forward thinking is capable at AMO in 2018.

I know it may not look like it at present but the Navy actually does an excellent run of simulator training at SWOS in Newport. They get superb training from excellent CIVMARS already. What happens in the fleet is a giant mystery to me but I assure you, the simulator and Instructors in Newport is NOT the problem.

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The AMO is not a union, it is a corrupt employment agency masquerading as a labor organization. To quote AMOVotes2018: “The AMO UNION has survived for many years on MSC and Navy Supported Contracts”, incorrect they have survived on undercutting legitimate labor organizations such as the MM&P and the MEBA with low ball, BOHICA, sweetheart contracts. They have perfected cowing their members into silence. Their members have no real voice in their own affairs. The AMO trustees burned down the defined benefit pension plan in 2008 / 2009 and declared it a victory when they should all gone to jail for a gross violation of fiduciary responsibility. I have no beef with the AMO membership they are, by and large, maritime professionals like all of us, trying to make a living in a volatile industry. I have however waited for over thirty years for the rank and file to assert their rights, establish a truly democratic, membership driven labor organization that puts their members welfare over that of the companies or the AMO officials (labor fakirs). To the membership of the AMO: Wake Up, you are the most poorly paid deep sea maritime officers in America and you are supporting a bunch of self-serving parasites, your officials!


but but…they “[we] have all the jobs”

The same can be said for the SIU and I frequently meet members of that “union” living hand to mouth and in fear of their officials.

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Bring back slavery and cotton will again be king!

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