Foss Maritime becoming a bit bigger in Alaska

obviously a sign that they want to be a player in the Arctic offshore…

Foss Maritime in Alaska JV

DECEMBER 5, 2013 — Alaska offshore spill response operator ASRC Energy Services Response Operations, LLC has formed a joint venture with Foss Maritime Company, one of the nation’s largest coastal tug and barge operators. The joint venture, called AES-Foss Marine, LLC, will be headquartered in Anchorage, Alaska, and will build on the strengths of each company to provide marine services throughout the state.

ASRC Energy Services Response Operations, LLC (ARO) provides a variety of offshore oil spill response equipment supported by highly trained response personnel. ARO is an indirect subsidiary of Alaska’s largest native corporation, Arctic Slope Regional Corporation (ASRC) which is owned by and represents the business interests of the Arctic Slope Iñupiat.

“We strive to partner with companies that believe in responsible development and will protect our resources through safety and environmental stewardship,” said Jeff Kinneeveauk, President and CEO of ASRC Energy Services, Inc., the parent company of ARO. “And in that regard Foss certainly is a maritime industry leader. They are also a good partner because they share, respect and understand our Iñupiat cultural values.”

Gary Faber, President Global Services of Foss Maritime, said, “The business success of ASRC speaks for itself. And like ASRC, safety and environmental stewardship are at the core of Foss’ corporate values. For mariners, Alaska represents challenges beyond those found in the Lower 48, but it also presents great opportunities. Foss is positioned to be part of these projects with our decades of experience in Alaskan waters and our significant investments in state-of-the-art vessels and equipment.”

One of the attractions for both partners is the prospect of a program to train Iñupiat people for jobs in a growing north coast maritime industry. Foss has been part of similar partnerships with other native groups.


Very cool! I would like to work for Foss someday in the NW or AK.

Have always had good luck with Foss, or Crowley for that matter, so agree with c.captain this is a good thing for the region!

here’s your chance - they are looking for a port Capt for ACS

Looking for great thing from Foss this Season - think they have grown past the chart Delivery and cannot wait 2 see how they Succeed .