Flashing light question, Mate to Master

I’m aware that flashing light is no longer required for each upgrade of an unlimited license after initially obtaining OICNW. But what about from Mate 1600/3000 (OICNW) to Master 1600/3000? I took it for my Mates license, will I have to take it again for the STCW Masters? I see visual signaling on the OICNW checklist, but not the Masters.

Do you have OICNW now? If so, you don’t need it. It’s one-time only and you should have had to get it for OICNW.

Yes I have OICNW. Thank you for clearing that up for me!

I’m sitting to re-instate a 2M unlimited Oceans, which expired 3 years ago. (I’ve had no sea time in 8 years).

My exam approval letter lists 7 modules;

Q100 Rules
Q111 Deck gen
Q112 Deck safety
Q114 Nav general: oceans
Q115: Nav problems: chart plot
Q116: Nav problems; near coastal
Q117: nav problems: oceans

will I have to re-take flashing light?