First West Pacific Tropical Storm theatens to become a Significant Typhoon

The first Tropical Storm of the season for the western North Pacific (Songda) has formed and appears on-track to become a significant typhoon with winds over 100kts as it approaches close to the northeast tip of Luzon on May 26th or 27th before turning northward.


It aint the first, we had one 2-3 weeks ago that followed the same track…

Jeffrox: Thanks, Good catch…Yes you are correct and I have corrected the blog to show that. I guess I was thinking Typhoon when I wrote that.

I have an advantage in being here…
“Just recently, Tropical Storm Bebeng left at least 35 dead and P1.370 billion in damage to property when it pummeled parts of Central and Southern Luzon, Metro Manila, the Bicol Region, and Central and Eastern Visayas.”

So far it looks like this one will miss Luzon.

For the information of all hands, this is a good West Pac WX site.

And this is my favorite local TV WX Forcaster.