First Post

I am a 10yr prior NAVY Electronics Tech 2nd Class. I am in need of a job and I’m looking to get into MM. I am located in Norfolk, VA (Hampton Roads) and will accept any sea/shore location. I have a current Top Secret Clearance and I have an Information Systems (LANs/WANs) background as well.
I’ve spoken with friends who are in MM now. They told me to check out the NORFOLK NIU. Is this a good starting point? Where would I go to get started? Hope to get back into Radio/Comm Center soon. Any and all info is appreciated!

The drilling companies are always looking for Electronic Technicians, Instrument Technicians or Electricians. Having the Navy background helps. The starting pay is pretty significant. Check out drilling companies like Pride, Transocean, Seadrill, Frontier Drilling, Noble, Maersk Drilling, Ensco, Oceaneering, just to name a few.

Keep tabs at the Military Sealift Command website. The Comms departments, maintenance and admin, on all their ships are civilian run. They have a Comms suite because of processing the Naval message traffic. The GMDSS suites on MSC ships and mainstream commercial ships are operated by the Deck Officers. However, you may want to look for jobs, (and schools/training), with the key-words “GMDSS Maintainer” . Get your MMC (OS, Wiper), TWIC, and attend GMDSS Operator and Maintainer Schools and some employers are bound to get interested.