Fire on CGC Healy cancels Arctic Cruise

[Fire in waters off Alaska forces Coast Guard Cutter Healy to return to Seattle home port]


USCG just can’t win with ice breakers.

I guess that’s the reasoning for having several in the future. Unless there is a base of operations to affect major repairs up North, ships will have to come back to the lower 48. You’d think they could have gone to Ketchikan, but who knows.

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She has had many problems last few years.

From the article in Workboat:

“As a result of the fire, all Arctic operations have been cancelled.”

Only if we had someone in politics who was in tune enough to know the poor condition of our icebreakers & cared enough about Artic, Antarctica & environmental research to do something about this problem?

I’m frustrated too but let’s keep it on topic guys.

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We just had 4 Russian surface vessels and a nuclear attack sub blow through the Pollock fleet heading northeast 100 miles inside the EEZ. Being pretty rude about it, instructing all our vessels to alter course while actively fishing inside our EEZ. Probably trying to provoke the snooper planes to come out.

I gotta think this has something to do with our lack of Arctic capability, no one has ever seen this behavior before.

Good luck with that.

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The president’s Arctic memo on June 6th required a report on Arctic operational capabilities etc to be submitted within 60 days. That would have been Aug 6th. Has anyone seen whether that was submitted/made public? This assessment was to include the potential for leasing options that was hinted at.

The first new Polar Security Cutter isn’t slated for delivery from VT Halter until 2024, assuming no delays. Having been a part of a few new builds, I don’t see Hull #1 of any build happening on an accelerated timeline, no matter the urgency.