Trump Says He's Working To Get 10 More Icebreakers For The Coast Guard From

As the article states, there is a possibility Trump misspoke with regards building 10 icebreakers.

In my naïveté I am forced to ask, where would they be used…all 10? A few in the Great Lakes I understand and a couple for up in Alaska, but 10?

Go “biggly” or go home?

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IDK, just skimmed the articles quickly. Just a quick pass, seems to be about mineral rights in the Arctic.

POTUS45 does understand they mean ships, not cocktail parties, right? Maybe someone should double check with him. Just to be sure…


“We’re trying to do a deal with a certain place that has a lot of icebreakers and we’re seeing if we can make a really good deal where you can have them very fast,” the President said cryptically.


Maybe Trump is getting confused with a line of active wear designed in New Zealand.
Every summer we need an icebreaker in Antartica to resupply the US base at McMurdo . We have a new navy tanker that is classed for ice but it still needs an escort.
The Polar Star was almost on life support the last time she visited.

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Life support would be an understatement.

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