Trump Says He's Working To Get 10 More Icebreakers For The Coast Guard From

As the article states, there is a possibility Trump misspoke with regards building 10 icebreakers.

In my naïveté I am forced to ask, where would they be used…all 10? A few in the Great Lakes I understand and a couple for up in Alaska, but 10?

Go “biggly” or go home?

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IDK, just skimmed the articles quickly. Just a quick pass, seems to be about mineral rights in the Arctic.

POTUS45 does understand they mean ships, not cocktail parties, right? Maybe someone should double check with him. Just to be sure…


“We’re trying to do a deal with a certain place that has a lot of icebreakers and we’re seeing if we can make a really good deal where you can have them very fast,” the President said cryptically.


Maybe Trump is getting confused with a line of active wear designed in New Zealand.
Every summer we need an icebreaker in Antartica to resupply the US base at McMurdo . We have a new navy tanker that is classed for ice but it still needs an escort.
The Polar Star was almost on life support the last time she visited.

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Life support would be an understatement.

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“with a certain place”

His buddy Putin

While Trump talks others act.
Australia’s new icebreaking research ship is under way from the hull building yard in Romania to the outfitting yard in the Netherlands:
The trip didn’t get off to a good start though.

I love me some Jones Act. Can’t get enough of it, wish I had some more, more Jones Act the merrier IMO. But I’ve had it with this 4 decade old icebreaker fiasco. If Putin, Kim Jong-Un, Big Bird or green people from Mars wants to help us get some icebreakers I say we take it. And any of you fools who wants to blame that idiot Trump who has only been in politics for a little over 3 years are out of your freaking heads. The Democrats had 8 years with Obama to get us some icebreakers & the Republicans had 8 years with Bush before then. We’ve been needing more icebreakers since Carter was president. After all this time I wouldn’t care if Trump sent out the Navy Seals to hijack some icebreakers from some other countries. Just get it done for Pete’s sake.


That protectionism isn’t syncing with your Libertarianism. That’s OK, Libertarian is a fake philosophy anyway. I saw that post about the tanker fleet petition. You expect folks to petition for subsidies (socialism) and protectionism (socialism) for a tanker fleet to support sustained foreign invasions (imperialism)?

Actually, all that inactivity suggests that we DON’T need them. Troublesome as it is, the US government manages to fulfill its strategic needs pretty well, so if no new breakers have shown in an unconstrained military budget environment then it’s a lesson that the belief in the need is mistaken. And it is. We need one or two serious ice breakers for Antarctic commitments and presence. Alaska? Not so much, and if needed then the industry who needs them would buy them like that Shell AIVIQ boondoggle. Let industry bear their own costs and burdens, right my Libertarian brother?


Rosmorport is building up it’s fleet so maybe there will be some surplus icebreakers that Trump can have for cheap:

The latest addition to their 37 vessel fleet is just about ready for action:

And yet our ships have been getting from Point A to Point B without them, and my cocktail glass is still clinking with cubes. :grinning:

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Rosmorport does not have any excess icebreakers. The mid-1970s Ermak class (3 icebreakers) is nearing the end of its operational lifetime and the late-1970s/early-1980s Kapitan Sorokin class (4) is not far behind. The only modern 10,000+ -ton icebreaking vessels in their fleet are the Project 21900 and 21900M icebreakers (2+3) and the yet-to-be-commissioned Viktor Chernomyrdin (which was originally supposed to replace two older icebreakers). There’s also one Project 21900M2 icebreaker on order but the construction has not even started yet. Their replacement program for smaller icebreakers is also dragging behind schedule.

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I would suggest two, tops…

You haven’t been sitting in an ice field on the Lakes waiting for a track escort through shifting plate recently…I know lots of people who have; including me.


Spent New Years Eve stuck in the ice on Chesapeake Bay in late 1977 early 1978. We had to run convoys that year. Icebreaker not needed down that way for obvious reasons, but good heavy hulled tugs were in short supply. The ill-fated USCG Cuyahoga led some of those convoys before her collision on the bay in 78.

I’m disappointed in you freighterman1. There’s no right answer in the debate of whether the US needs more or new icebreakers or not. It’s only opinions & we are all entitled to them. But as a professional mariner who often sails in frozen waters I think the USCG should sail on decent pieces of equipment. The polar-class & polar-capable vessels are way past obsolete & the only one still working spends more days being fixed than providing a service. And the northeastern & greatlakes parts of the country could use a few newer, smaller vessel too IMO. On top of having these opinions because of our profession I think we need at least a couple of polar-class vessels for research purposes & to honor our obligations to the Antarctica Treaty.

The reason I’m disappointed is because I don’t think you’re thinking for yourself but only repeating your partys line because the QB of the other team brought up the fact we need new icebreakers. I believe if it were Biden who suggested we get newer icebreakers you would be all for it. If this thread was titled, “Pelosi Says She’s Working To Get 10 Icebreakers” you’d call her a hero & list 100 reasons why we needed them. Look past the Trump vs the Democrats politics why don’t you? Shame, shame.


Took the words out of my mouth Pebble.

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