Female oil rig worker secretly filmed, files suit (link)



Read that the other day. First thoughts were it was probably someone with the housekeeping crew.

[QUOTE=Kingrobby;182700]Read that the other day. First thoughts were it was probably someone with the housekeeping crew.[/QUOTE]

I think one of the parties in the lawsuit is Aramark. You may be right. Can’t imagine anyone else would try something like that- too easy to be spotted.

I think if I were rig management and someone came to me with a claim like this, my first call would be to someone else in rig management to get him in the office, and we would call our boss in town and a company lawyer pretty quickly. It would be tough to find evidence if the hooks were gone, good luck getting someone low enough to do this to tell the truth if questioned. Whenever I hear or read a story like this, I always look at it as if it were my own daughter and wouldn’t I want this to be taken care of very quickly and with people being held accountable for their actions.

I think 1M is a bit steep. But considering that it may be difficult for her to find oil field employment again, I can see it amounting to that since its difficult to earn that kind of money outside of the field.

Erin Andrews got paid…why’s this mariner worth less?

You know those male bitches are reading these/this thread. You will be caught. You will pay for this inhuman deed. Wait,… just wait for your anal christening. If this was any of my three daughters,… I’d start helping the company man (especially him!), tool pusher, and the Shitberger supervisors “find their way” to assist in locating the trash. I’d bury the “hatchet” and burn the dead. This makes me SICK!
I’ve met several women whom are just trying to earn and make their way. Shut birds like you are just the kind of crap that keeps society from moving forward. Probably got violated by a farm animal. Or worse,… YOU violated the animal(s)!

You have to wonder about the mentality. Straight up frat boy crap, right there. Did some more reading about it. There were two women affected. One has returned to work and doesn’t want to pursue things. The other one, the one in the story, quit.

From my understanding most people bring their own imagery and graphics with them to work. I don’t see why they would need to invade this woman’s privacy. What a bunch of a-holes. I sailed with a chief stew that said she found one of these in her room (4 month deep sea contract). There is no where to go really and good luck getting out at the hall soon. She just destroyed it and didn’t say anything about it.I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s something that happens more often than we think. I have thought of setting up my own camera to see if anyone was ever going in my room to snoop (have had things missing) I couldn’t find a reliable system. Another chief stew I sailed with kept her door open and her laptop facing the door with the camera running, I don’t know if it actually recorded anything but it was enough to scare people anyway