Federal funding for maritime education?

It has been talked about here on the docks in the gulf…is there money available for maritime training to upgrade in lic.?..is this true…any one have any links…state or federal?..thanks:confused:

Old Bon - Young Memorial - just up Bayou Shaffer - had grant money in 2008. You would need to talk to them.

There was also money available from the Louisiana Recovery Act through L E Fletcher, which was also good at Young Memorial. The catch is that you need to be an employee of a Louisiana company.

Just read you post about the wheels and rudders. Hope you are still eligibe for the LRA!

the interesting part of that is…i work for a texas company…yet i pay Louisiana taxes…I got a text from the port capt. today…i dont think im gonna get RUNDOFT…just yet…thanks for the info I will call youngs memorial…

[B]Coming soon:[/B]

Maritime Workforce Development Act -
[B] Section 602 - [/B]
Directs the Secretary of Transportation to establish a maritime career training loan program. Requires making maritime career training loans available to eligible students at federal, state, and commercial maritime training institutions, including state maritime academies, and nonprofit training organizations. Makes undergraduate students at the U.S. Merchant Marine Academy ineligible for such loans. Allows loans to a student of up to $15,000 in a calendar year or $60,000 in the aggregate. Establishes certain student eligibility and loan requirements. Establishes a revolving loan fund consisting of receipts from the repayment of loans to cover the administrative costs of the program. Requires a related annual report. Authorizes appropriations for this loan program for FY2010-FY2015. Requires publication every three years in the Federal Register, and transmission to Congress, of a plan that describes the demonstration, research, and multistate project priorities of the Department of Transportation (DOT) regarding merchant mariner recruitment, training, and retention for the three-year period following the publication of the plan. Authorizes the awarding of competitive grants to maritime training institutions to carry out demonstration projects and other eligible projects that implement DOT priorities in a way to address merchant mariner recruitment, training, and retention issues. Establishes certain grant and project eligibility requirements. Authorizes appropriations for this grant program for FY2010-FY2015.

Thank you for the info. Do you have any idea how soon it is coming? I’m hoping to go back to school soon and I’m looking for ways to fund it.

[QUOTE=Sailor;25819]Thank you for the info. Do you have any idea how soon it is coming? I’m hoping to go back to school soon and I’m looking for ways to fund it.[/QUOTE]

It has passed in the House, is awaiting a vote in the Senate.

Just got off the phone with my Senator’s office. Update is that H.R. 2651 is currently languishing in the Senate Committee on Commerce, Science, and Transportation. It was read twice on the floor and then sent to committee.

My Senator sits on that committee so I’ll be lighting a fire underneath him today. At this time there is no news on whether or not H.R. 2651 will remain as it is or will be assigned a companion bill number in the Senate.

Time to get politically active folks. You can find a list of the members of the Senate Committee on Commerce, Science, and Transportation right here:


And remember, there ain’t no free lunch.

All the money paid back from the “loans” goes to cover administrative costs.

If it passes and your taxes go up, don’t start bitching about run-away-government-spending.

I figure my taxes are gonna go up whether the bill becomes law or not. I mean, soon they’ll start taxing saliva… but only if you swallow small portions over a long period of time. (apologies to George Carlin R.I.P.)

So now the Prez wants to do a 3 year spending freeze… and maritime schooling isn’t one of the exemptions…

Figures…betcha congressional pay raises make muster for an exemption. Obama talks out of both sides of the mouth with the best of them. The consummate politician. And they wonder why the voting public is so apathetic.

With the recent Supreme Court decision in mind, America as we knew it is over and done with. Welcome to USA, Inc., her veneer of true democracy now stripped away for good. I can’t wait to see what the mid-terms look like with the new “freedom of speech” just granted the benevolent monoliths that watch out for our every need. Jon Stewart and the gang over at The Daily Show were in top form with this:

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American as we knew it is cooked. I can’t wait to see how the mid-terms shape up with the new “freedom of speech” granted to USA, Inc.


you guys are so political, it’s dreary. esp capt A with his continuous “america is cooked” and similar comments. not meant to dis you capt A as I like your other posts, but the “empire in decline” thing over and over and over… oy vay, it gets old.

at any rate, the bill (“Maritime Workforce Development Act”) will never get passed in this economic environment. its a dead duck. if you are looking for funding for maritime training go: 1. private sector, your present employer perhaps; or 2. just put it on a credit card. then declare bankruptcy. then pay back 2% of the whole. it is actually quite simple. and will help reinforce capt A’s america in decline opinions! :wink:

credit cards are no longer allowed in bankruptcy, this passed BEFORE the bank bailouts, go figure

Pull your head out of the sand R800MA and you will see what he is talking about!:eek: If you ran your household finances the way the govt runs theirs, your friends would stage an intervention! Its time to start stocking up on canned goods, water and fuel…

captfish, read what I wrote carefully & you’ll see I neither agree nor disagree with his (and your) opinion re the future. my only comment was a lighthearted jab at his repetitiveness (not sure if I spelled that right hmmm). anyway it is all in good humor. no harm done.
check out my driving directions on the Gulfmark’s blog today…

C_A is a curmudgeon, wise yet cranky, sometimes on the mark, sometimes off, just like all of us. His good deeds here far outweigh his bitchiness.

I think “political” is a component of why some of us are drawn here. A number of us who participate regularly here are the types who are politically active in our own communities and online. In the maritime industry getting political has become a necessity for those who see the need for real change in the way we’re treated. Of course, you are welcome to just sit back and let it all happen to you with a glass of sweet tea in your hand. We all get to choose.

Thanks for the kind words dougpine but I can take care of myself thank you very much.

Somewhat ironic, to say the least, that someone spanked me for getting political in a thread that starts with the words “Federal Funding”.

well written dougpine. but wait, sweet tea! so you read my driving directions to Gulfmark this morning? hope you enjoyed…
at any rate, I am no politico, I leave that to others more inspired then myself. I do admit to sitting back and being an observer, even writing occasional pieces which I hope some may find humorous. and, yes, I too enjoy C A’s posts a lot. Hell, if I didn’t I wouldn’t have posted to him!
actually, this gcaptain is excellent. kudos to you and john et al who started it.