FCC Hold-up due to Background Check

I currently have an application in with the FCC for my GMDSS License and already hold a Marine Radio Operators Permit with them. Apparently they have started to do background checks and want a lot of information before they make a decision on whether they will issue the new License. I have a TWIC and MMD with 2nd Mate unlimited and 1600 Master that I have been through the background check issue with before but when they saw how long ago everything was (Right at 10 years ago) and that there have been no legal issues since, I was issued everything.

The FCC has had my application for over a month now, I called to see what was going on and they informed me that I needed to write a letter expressing how the general public would benefit by them issuing me this License. I wrote that, sent in letters and showed where my life is vastly different from my life 10 years ago. I have heard nothing. I called them to see what the review process entailed and I was basically told to wait it out and check the website for updates. I asked how long this process takes and was told that I was one of the first ones to go through it so she couldn’t even begin to give me a ballpark answer… I am pretty confident that I will obtain the license, it is just a matter of when. I did not have any dangerous drug charges or DUI as I have noticed that seems to be the biggest figure on the USCG side of things.

The school that I took the course with sent in everything as soon as the class was over and I submitted my certificate to the USCG as well. Does anyone know if the USCG goes off of the certificate or do they get in with the FCC to validate the license? I am trying to figure out how that is going to play out with the FCC taking time and the USCG evaluating my application to them. Hoping that I did not just end up making this being a long and convoluted mess. I know that this is my making by the past but I figured since I already held an FCC license that issuing this one would be no issue since the previous one was issued after my legal issues as well.

So, I guess my question is if any of you have been through this new process with the FCC?