Favorite maritime movie?


“Pirates” with Walter Matthau hasn’t been mentioned yet.
“The African Queen”…!
" The Philadelphia Experiment" ??? ok it was serious B movie but we all wanted the invisible ship didn’t we?

I’m surprised it took so long for someone to get around to “Sand Pebbles” - c’mon that was classic! “I’m no good for you… I’m a China Sea sailor baby… I’m no good for anybody.” (maybe a fact since I just got back from there ~ I’m definitely not good for anybody)

Whoever mentioned the whale wars - someone find him and hold him down while we take his MMC away from him - get serious… that stuff is tripe.


Anyone seen [U]Lake Boat[/U]? Its hilarious!


I have always really liked White Squall, seen it a bunch of times and always wondered what it would have been like if my parents had sent me off to school aboard a sailing vessel like that.



white squall


Moby Dick alll version of it are good! bit of a sucker for Melville!


[QUOTE=Capt. Lee;2214]Waterworld is one of my favorites.<br><br> I can speak for anchorman…Titanic is his favorite…He gets teary eyed everytime it comes up or whenever he hears the song “The wind beneath my Wings”![/QUOTE]

[QUOTE=anchorman;2215]Having vivid dreams again? I told you about that hormone medication.<br><br>Waterworld? That was one of the biggest bombs in history. I guess you like the guys wearing leather chaps riding on jet skis. The picture is getting clearer now.[/QUOTE]

I miss these old threads.

What happened to you guys? Did you kiss and make up??


Around Cape Horn is always fun. Footage shot by Irving Johnson when he was like 18 on a voyage around Cape Horn on the Peking. It was then narrated by him in the early 80s when he was in his 80s.


Captain Philips


Down Periscope - definetly not serious but liked Kelsey Grammer’s leadership style.


Lakeboat. Hilarious!


Mutiny on the Bounty
Billy Budd
The sailor who fell from grace with the sea
Poseidon adventure (the one with Gene Hackman)
Death Ship


Wow talk about resurrecting an old thread!

Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World
White Squall
They Were Expendable

Down Periscope
And of course Captain Ron!


Still working on getting a copy of “The Key”


[QUOTE=PaddyWest2012;154609]Still working on getting a copy of “The Key”[/QUOTE]

The one from 58?


The Abyss and Alien spring to mind


Master and Commander, The Hunt for Red October, Ffolkes.


The Long Voyage Home.

Makes me wish stick ships were still considered efficient transport. Always dreamed of finding a tramp steamer and sailing the world. :confused: Fourchon is a poor substitute.

Noticed someone mentioned white squall. I worked for Global Santa Fe with a guy that was one of the sailing extras in that. Always hated us when fronts came through and we’d scream “WHITE SQUALL!!!” and point. :smiley:


Master & Commander, Captain Phillips.


My all-time favorite is [I]Mister Roberts[/I], followed closely by [I]The Sand Pebbles[/I].

Cagney’s character reminds me of one cranky, cantankerous old bag of wind who still makes appearances on the[I] T.S. Empire State [/I]for their annual cruises…


[QUOTE=Capnklump;154642]Master & Commander, Captain Phillips.[/QUOTE]

Wow, brave choice there!