Best ships in the movies

My hands down vote is for:

USS RELUCTANT (aka…the Bucket) from Mr. Roberts circa 1955


The USS Missouri in Under Siege.


The Tall Ship Gazela,

Interview With A Vampire, a dramatic feature film starring Tom Cruise and Brad Pitt. 1994.

SINK THE BISMARCK! (1960) guess she finally sunk?


Ok, I’m a little biased but…

King Kong 1978 version with The Dude!

I’m totally bummed because in my Google searches for other cool movie vessels I have ended up with squat! Here is a list of movies that have some great old steamships highlighted in them:

The Sea Chase with John Wayne
Papillon with Steve McQueen
Passage to Marsailles with Humphrey Bogart
Krakatoa East of Java with Maximillian Schell
The Decks Ran Red with James Mason

I’m sure I’ll remember a few more soon but if anyone here has seen any of the above films you’ll know the ships I am thinking of. Old steamers with lots of booms!

I with you c.captain.

John Wayne’s ship in The Sea Chase was the Ergenstrasse.

John Wayne stream of consciousness:

John Wayne in “In Harm’s Way” - all kinds of cool navy ships. (Can’t help it - I was a Navy brat.)

I’m a bit biased, too, because when I was a kid we lived in the house on Ford Island (middle of Pearl Harbor) that John Wayne’s character lived in!

Capt. Fran…awesome.

USS Belinda (APA 16) in "Away All Boats"
The book was great and the movie was a fair approximation.

HMS Compass Rose in "The Cruel Sea"
Again, the book was excellent and the movie (filmed on a former RN corvette) did a decent job of condensing a moving and honest portrayal of the Battle of the North Atlantic to the screen.

[FONT=Calibri]USS [I]San Pablo from the movie Sand Pebbles.[/I]<o></o>
[I]Not so much the boat itself but for the engines. The Chinese coolie Po-ans training will probably ring true to any engineer too.[/I]<o></o>
[I]Strong Steam V.S. Sleepy Steam[/I][/FONT]

[FONT=Calibri]Ok so where did that smiley face come from in my post I didn’t put that in there. It is the second time that’s happened. First time I deleted it now I just want to know how to prevent it.[/FONT]<o></o>

The African Queen!!

I don’t know but I fixed 'em for you.

this started it all for me!

Steamboat Willie (1928)

The HMS Bounty…What a beautiful ship…


this is a strange ride!


Lifeboat 1944

[B]Ship: [/B]Eye of the Wind [Albatross][B]
Move: [/B]White Squall[B]

Ship:[/B] Vandenberg
[B]Movie:[/B] Virus

[B]Movie: [/B]Cast Away

the “ORCA”…Quints boat from Jaws

Steve McQueen in “Sand Pebbles Movie