Fake Licensing?!?

Apparently there are groups of mariners in various OSV companies that were/are working on fake documents? The coasties just started cracking down on this in the last month.


What proof do you have? What news source did you get the information from? What was the name of the reporter?

This “crack down“ just occurred in the last couple of weeks. These guys allegedly spent $3k-7k for their MMD documents. It’s not clear if the problem was at the REC level or NMC.

Watch the news feeds. It will be there.

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Who told you about the crackdown? Not a name of an individual, but was it an acquaintance or a news source? if so, what news source? What REC?

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The Chair recognizes the gentleman from Seattle for 5 minutes.


…sound of crickets…clock ticking…a newspaper rustling down an empty street…


I have definitely seen some very suspicious bridge license upgrades in the last few years. All of them out of the Mandeville REC.


Suspicious in what way?

I know personally know two individuals who are no longer employed. I don’t know how this scheme worked as the people I know are now super silent. One was on deck the other was a engineer working for years.

However this has been happening or worked, it has likely been going on for years.

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My recollection is that many years ago some of the staff at the New Orleans REC were caught selling licenses. This may have been one of the things that lead to creation of the NMC.

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You seem worried…

My scheme to raise a navy of captains with fake licenses to use mothballed OSVs to tow the Gulf Coast to Greenland and create a homeland for those who believe in the integrity of our sacred bodily fluids, protected by an army of pick-up truck driving walruses, would appear to be outed.


Sign me up.


Bunch of commie preverts…

On a serious note, I’ve seen some shady upgrades come out of Mandeville/NOLA over the years. Nothing provable, but raised my interest on how they happened.

Jesus, I stopped playing Level 794 candy crush to read this? And actually try and search the “news feeds” for such information. It’s MMC by the way, Cap’n Crunch.


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Did Maurice get a job at the REC NOLA?


There was this case a few years ago…

Three different scenarios going here:

The term “fake Licensing” implies that the MMC are forged. The REC selling legit MMCs and mariners obtaining legit MMCs using forged documentation are the two other scenarios mentioned in this thread…

I think this is what the OP is referring to

Do dude. Please keep trying. This is such an achievable goal!