Exercise while on a 60 day hitch

I’m pursuing an entry level cook/deckhand position on a tug for the spring. I live in the Seattle area, have touched base with a few companies, and have had the opportunity to ask a few questions.

I have another question that maybe some folks on the forum can answer. What are a deckhand’s options for exercise while on a two month hitch?

Any feedback is much appreciated.

Depends, you left handed or right? One arm will be bigger than the other when you get off.

It all depends on what kind of boat you’re on and how has the crew set themselves up for exercise. Some companies will equip their vessels with exercise gear but most do not. Often times you’ll find weights and a treadmill or bike on board. Usually it’s whatever you bring with you.

What kind of vessel do you hope to work on?

dougpine - recently been looking at tugs in the Seattle area. Sounds like a 60 day hitch is the norm. I’m still researching what options are out there. I have my entry level documents together and hope to make a switch in the next year or two. Not sure I could go 60 days without some sort of exercise. I’m pretty sure Ea$y Money’s clever idea wouldn’t cut it, actually I know it wouldn’t cut it.

Check with Sause Bros in Coos Bay and Honolulu. They sometimes hire cook/deckhands. Crowley and Foss hire out of the IBU hall at Fisherman’s Terminal in Seattle.

If you go to bed and are still full of energy your captain is not working you hard enough! Deckhand/Cook=BITCH!!!

No just kidding (only a little bit).

I bring a few weights and some resistance bands. I also do leg lifts, crunchs, and some yoga stretches to help keep my back lose.
We’re hoping to get something for cardio, we’re leaning towards a stationary bike.

Jump rope. Great cardio and balance/coordination enhancer when underway.


depends on the ship… some have permanent crews that have added their own rec stuff. most have a treadmill/and perhaps some weights… running on deck will play havoc on your knees (if they allow it)…

Definitely get one of those stretch bands (about $12) at a sports store and check out Ross’ site… This book has a great amount of info on workouts / ideas for when you don’t have equipment, or a lack of equipment.Otherwise, be creative. http://www.rosstraining.com/nevergymless.html

On hitches where the weather made tossing weights around a dangerous evolution, the good old fashioned push up, sit up and leg lifts work great. Every time throughout the day that I hit my room, I’d press out 20 each before leaving. By the end of 60 days I’d be doing about 40. That’s a butt load by the end of the day. Won’t help much on tugs, but deep sea you climb enough ladders all day. Make that harder by stepping high and fast. can skip steps doing the same. Who needs a stairmaster?! (just be careful about it) Also, when chipping and painting, make it harder. Don’t choke up on the paint brush, hold it by the end. Those that scoff at that, try using a 12" radiator brush like that all day. Use the needle gun with one hand even if chipping a vertical surface. But don’t slack off on the performance, the mate will get pissed(rightfully so).