Tuggin' on my time off?

Right now i am working two weeks on two weeks off for a ship assist company. I run Mate/relief Captain. The other day the head of the port authority where i live called and asked if i would be interested in filling in as captain if they needed me when i was home. I said yes i would becasue i would like to begin to get my pilotage for that area. This would allow me to get my foot in the door and stop having to travel every two weeks, eventually. I got to thinking though, what would my company think or any company for that matter if they were to find out i was working for another “company”; Company in quotations becasue the tugs are actually owned by the city and are not in competition with the company who employs me now. Not even in the same state. I am non union and I have no contract, but i just wonder if my company insurance would cover me on another boat? guess i am wondering if this can be done or if i am heading for disaster.

If you get hurt on the “other” boat, their workers comp will cover it, not your primary insurance through your main job.

Completely depends upon your primary company and IF they have a exclusive contract with you for your time. Some companies absolutely will not let you work elsewhere. Some don’t care. I would at least ask your primary company how they would think about you working on your time off. If they find out you are likely to get axed. The accident issue is big too. If you get hurt at the part time job, would your primary company keep you on health care insurance? Or would you be like yesterdays news? Old and thrown out?

Possible conflict of interest

As long as its not a conflict of intrest my company doesnt care, as long as you clear it with them.

Check with your company, hopefully management understands and give you the green light. I would make it clear that you are not trying to leave but just looking to make a little extra $ closer to home on your time off.

Thanks guys for the insight. I was leaning towards just doing it and then dealing with damage control later, but everyone is right i should just ask my primary employer first. thanks!

It sounds like you’ve got the in on a good gig. Roll with it.

The company I work for hires a great many guys for relief and fill in work. They are all employed elsewhere. The boss prefers this because we can get good mariners per diem.

[QUOTE=exsubguy;89564]It sounds like you’ve got the in on a good gig. Roll with it.[/QUOTE]